Another (Yes ANOTHER) Security Vulnerability In Sony BMG Copy Protection

from the will-it-ever-stop? dept

Yes, we all thought that maybe the whole Sony BMG copy protection/security vulnerability thing was maybe finally starting to quiet down, but it looks like some more researchers have discovered yet another security vulnerability, this time in the SunnComm MediaMax copy protected CDs (you remember, the ones that install even after you tell them not to). This one appears to be unrelated to all of the other security vulnerabilities. Sony BMG and SunnComm have released a patch, but you’ll notice that they haven’t recalled these CDs. The only CDs they recalled were the ones using First4Internet’s XCP copy protection. So, even though there’s a patch, anyone who buys and uses one of the SunnComm CDs may still be opening up their computer to potential malware.

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Comments on “Another (Yes ANOTHER) Security Vulnerability In Sony BMG Copy Protection”

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Boo says:

Re: No Subject Given

Better question, when will these usless reports end? If this was the case, almost every single program written for PC opens the computer up to something. woopdy. weclome to windows

so you are saying that you dont mind malware being loaded onto your computer without your knowledge that opens up security holes… on the bases that you think windows sucks.

Firstly, windows (xp) is pretty solid. There are no major security flaws and the system is highly customisable and efficient. The following programms open windows to security holes:
Internet explorer
Windows Media player
Anything from AOL
Early Mozilla releases
itunes for windows…
[insert your own hate list here]
…and sony drm malware

i dont want any of them on my pc, and i should have the choice to not install them. when sticking a “music cd” in my computer loads this crap on my machine i get pissed off.

Just one guy says:

Back to some serious problems

please stop windows bashing, it is not appropriate here, let’s stick to the main topic: Sony/DMG copy protection schemes.
I see in the new list of affected titles some pretty important names: Britney Spears, Santana, and so on. These are stars that big recording companies would do just about anything to keep under contract. These are artists that can twist Sony’s arm instead of having it twisted by them. They are the strongest champion for removing copy protection schemes, forever, from CDs.
If it was possible to have them read even just Damian Kulash’s short piece on the New York Times, the results could be astonishing in terms of convincing power.

giafly says:

Sony don't get it. Again.

“Sony said it will notify customers though a banner advertisement directly in the SunnComm software, as well as through an Internet advertising campaign.” – ZDNet

Hey, Sony! If I were a spyware/virus writer, I’d be coding malware that pretended to be this banner advert even now. How are people supposed to distinguish between your banner advert and an exact copy used in some phishing scam?

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