No Wonder The Net Is So Full Of Crap

from the how-long-you-gonna-be-in-there? dept

Maybe Microsoft’s plans for the iLoo weren’t so bad after all: a new survey on American internet use says that more than half of people that have used WiFi have used it in the bathroom. One of the people behind the survey says he thinks some people go in there to surf in privacy — making you wonder exactly what they’re looking at in there. Maybe this will be enough to get Microsoft to reverse itself again and restart the iLoo project, since evidently so many of us can’t even use the toilet without checking our email.

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Comments on “No Wonder The Net Is So Full Of Crap”

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Jeremiah (user link) says:

Re: Windows XPoo Pro...

I recall a study from my Psych 101 days that mentioned a bowel movement coinciding with a release of neurotransmitter’s in the brain, cascading to a momentary feeling of lightness and euphoria. These brain cocktails can foster creative thinking, so it stands to reason that, yes, indeed, one could get some serious creativity done while leaving a poop.

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