WiMax Tries To Reconcile Hype With Reality

After all the incessant hype about WiMax, the circle has started to turn, just a bit, with some people talking down the technology, perhaps in hopes of nudging down people’s expectations to a level WiMax will be able to meet, while others are already calling it a success, even without any actual products. Now, some equipment manufacturers are explaining why they’re skipping out on the first round of certification testing to ensure their products are actually WiMax. Alvarion already has so-called pre-WiMax gear it’s selling, and would have to create a product specifically to pass the test, but will “migrate” these existing products to meet the second wave of certification. That’s a change of story for the vendor, which said earlier this year it would skip the testing because it was “so busy deploying for actual customers”. So all that stuff that isn’t WiMax still won’t be for a while longer, it sounds like — and forgive us for being skeptical that this migration to compatibility will be as much of a non-event as the vendors would like it to be.

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