Power Grid Hacker Gets More Jailtime

from the you-can-hack-the-power-grid? dept

For years, we’ve been hearing that the power grid isn’t connected to the internet, and that it’s unlikely to be attacked by computer problems. However, today comes the news that a guy, known as “Dr. Chaos” (very creative) who was already in prison for “storing cyanide near a Chicago subway,” has had seven more years tacked onto his sentence for “hacking into computers and causing power failures in northeastern Wisconsin.” That’s about as far as the details go, so it’s unclear exactly what happened. Were those two separate things? Did he hack into computer systems and cause power failures separately? Or did he hack into computer systems to cause power failures? If it’s the latter, then it might be worthwhile to know just how easy it is to hack into our power grid to cause failures. Update: According to someone at the Associated Press it was two separate things. He hacked into computers (stop) and caused power failures as two separate actions.

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Comments on “Power Grid Hacker Gets More Jailtime”

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Myself says:

It's possible, but..

Remember they wouldn’t let Mitnick use phones in prison because he could “whistle launch codes” to missiles. I’m not making this up, that’s actually the reason given!

Just keep in mind that law school doesn’t have any comp sci requirements. Consider that the people involved in writing the documents, filing the charges, and preparing the news article, all of them probably have the same average computer skill as your uncle.

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