Single Blogger Looking To Knock Out Amazon's One-Click Patent

from the prior-art dept

theodp writes “What does an annotated bibliography of every article ever written about Sandra Bullock have in common with the Amazon One-Click Patent? More than you might think. A lone blogger is seeking donations to fund his 1-Click Patent reexamination request, a surprisingly impressive effort, which cites an earlier patent and DigiCash as prior art. He also encourages others to disclose pertinent prior art before a reexam is ordered.” The blogger in question is looking for donations to pay the fee required by the Patent Office to re-examine the issue. You may recall that Amazon’s 1-click patent has been subject to plenty of scrutiny before, including being the key point behind BountyQuest, an organization founded by Jeff Bezos and Tim O’Reilly to explore prior art on various patents. BountyQuest eventually failed to find any reasonable prior art (they didn’t look into the obviousness question at all), eventually leading to the collapse of the organization. It’s unclear if the information this blogger has turned up was reviewed earlier at all. Either way, none of this explains why the concept of the “one-click” ordering should be patentable at all.

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Comments on “Single Blogger Looking To Knock Out Amazon's One-Click Patent”

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dude says:

No Subject Given

I hate, Bezos and his patents, but 1-click patent is actually a *good* patent in comparison
to many other patents issued by the PTO to MicroShit and other corps.
It is a rather clever use of cookies – a concept they didn’t invent but found a good e-commerce use for.
PTO needs some serious quality reforms, but not along the lines most people here are thinking
(“Kill patent trolls”)
Ideally each issued patent should be a valid patent describing a novel and non-obvious invention, and it should not matter who enforces this patent – an actual manufactirer or patent troll who bought it from original inventor and thus compensated inventor for the effort.

AngloAfro says:

Re: dumb idea

obviously you have NEVER looked at the patent. It’s not one click and your screwed, think of it more as an email verification ordering system. You click “Order Now” on a website and amazon sends you an email confirming your order, you click confirm and your order is fulfilled. It’s actually two clicks, but whatever, by validating to your email account you have the extra layer of security and you don’t have to type in all of your payment option information every time you order a product. Yes it’s very retarded to be patentable, but so are most of the comments about right mouse button clicking, inadvertant orders and zero click ordering.

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