Are We Beating Spam?

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A lot of people have been noticing that anti-spam filters have become fairly effective lately. They’re not perfect, by any means, but they make email usable for plenty of people. Even the FTC has come out saying that anti-spam filters have been an effective way to deal with spam. So, that raises the next obvious question: if these spam filters are so effective, why is there still so much spam? Wouldn’t the spammers start to recognize that their messages aren’t getting through? Is there a lag, or is it that the folks who don’t use filters at all are still keeping spammers in business? Update: Brian McWilliams rips apart the methodology used in this study. It’s worse than you’d imagine. Rather than actually looking at how much spam the filters caught, they just compared two spam-filtered accounts to an unfiltered account, and assumed that the number of spam messages would be the same.

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Comments on “Are We Beating Spam?”

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Rikko says:

Spammers' motivations

A better question is, who are these retards that actually BUY things through spam? If we’ve had spam this long and no spamming effort will have ever been profitable, it would have ended long ago.

Instead, it’s only grown.. Which means someone, somewhere, is actually profiting from putting their ads in 150 million mailboxes. And I’m not talking about the spamming companies.

Roy (profile) says:

Re: Spammers' motivations

Another better question is, who are these retards who pay to have spam sent? Lately, a good 75% of the catches in my CRM114 quarantine have been entirely in Cyrillic or Korean. Even if I were the buy-from-a-spammer style of dimwit, I couldn’t read the sales pitch. But somewhere, some shady Russian/Korean company paid for my “impression”.

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