Add Record Stores To Those Pissed Off By Copy Protection

from the do-they-even-listen-to-what-they're-saying? dept

Is there anyone that the record labels’ copy protection plans aren’t pissing off? We already know how it’s upsetting legitimate buyers and musicians, but apparently music retailers are also getting fed up. They’re complaining that people are either returning copy protected CDs as defective, or simply putting them back down once they see the copy protection designation on the disc. Of course, these stories are anecdotal, and the article has the required defensive comment from a record label representative, saying that they don’t really care about complaints, implying that anyone complaining is only trying to do something illegal: “People have had the freedom to give 10 friends a copy of a disc. For anybody that’s used to doing that, all of a sudden they’re limited… We know that people are used to a certain thing. The thing about it is that it’s not the right thing to be doing.” It’s not a surprising statement, but it shows exactly how screwed up the industry is. Actually catering to customer wants isn’t a priority. Telling those customers that what they want to do, and what they’ve been doing, is illegal is much more important. No wonder customers, record stores and musicians are all pissed off. About the only ones who don’t seem to recognize how much damage they’re doing are the record labels themselves.

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Comments on “Add Record Stores To Those Pissed Off By Copy Protection”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

I haven’t bought a CD in 5 years. The recording industry is at a crossroads right now, and they’re leaning towards the wrong path. They can embrace the distribution the consumer wants, and drop DRM, or they can cling to a dying business model to wring out the last few cents.

Copyright law was intended to protect innovation. It is NOT illegal, or should not be illegal, to make a copy of a CD for a friend. What should be illegal is copying a CD 1000s of times and SELLING them. Apple ITMS has shown that people WILL still pay for convenience even if there is a free alternative.

Joe Schmoe says:

Re: No Subject Given

“…The recording industry is at a crossroads right now, and they’re leaning towards the wrong path…”

Leaning? They’re dragging their feet, kicking, screaming, and crying the entire way!

They’ve killed off several media formats through denial (DAC, DAT and MiniDISC just off the top of my head).

More than 20 years ago, the idea was seriously floated to have in store kiosks where you could selectively burn a custom CD and walk out of the store with it. That was stillborn as well.

I’m tired of being spanked in advance.

Rootman says:

The only reason I buy . . .

a CD is to get content I can’t get on my music service.

If I can’t rip it the CD is useless to me. I just bought a vinyl RECORD off Ebay to get content I couldn’t get on CD, I intend to rip the ONE song I want and store the record away.

I pay for my content and want that content in MP3 or WMA. If they make it too tough I just don’t buy.

Anarchy_Creator (user link) says:


I haven’t bought a CD since about 2000, maybe 1999.
I’ve been downloading all my music off P2P, FTP’s, and Newsgroups, but I would be inclined to purchase music if it wasn’t DRM’ed, and was less then 5 bucks a CD.
I would still however rip the cd, and make a copy so as to not destroy the original.

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