Slothful For The Sake Of Science

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Apparently researchers are keeping a number of volunteers in bed for sixty days to see what kind of impact it has on their bodies. The research is focused on women, and is expected to be useful in understanding the impacts of long-term space-flight, when people are in zero-gravity conditions for extended periods of time. What’s interesting, though, is one woman’s rationale for volunteering. An active hiker, she claims that she wanted to test out what extreme slothfulness was like.

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Comments on “Slothful For The Sake Of Science”

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dorpus says:

Survival Time Analysis

Problem is, censoring times won’t be independent of observation times. People like the active hiker will be at increased risk of dropping out of the study.
Age will be an interesting covariate in this, though — presumably, older participants will have less trouble completing the study. Can’t make 10-year-olds lie in bed for 60 days, because that would be considered child abuse.

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