Is The War On Cyberterror Doing More Harm Than Good?

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For years, we’ve been noting that there’s no evidence that we’re at any real risk from a “cyberterrorist” attack. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be aware and prepared, but Bruce Schneier is now adding to the voices saying that focusing so much on cyberterrorism is distracting from the real problem of cybercrime: “I think that the terrorist threat is overhyped, and the criminal threat is underhyped. I hear people talk about the risks to critical infrastructure from cyberterrorism, but the risks come primarily from criminals. It’s just criminals at the moment aren’t as ‘sexy’ as terrorists.” It seems clear at this point that most of the threats are monetary, from criminals looking to make money, than ideological. There are ways to prepare against both, but if we’re focusing too much on one, we may not be paying enough attention to the other.

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Comments on “Is The War On Cyberterror Doing More Harm Than Good?”

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gid (user link) says:

Data Havens

There has always been criminal activity on the internet. Because the internet reaches beyond a single countries borders can we apply american laws to the electron? HavenCo for instance is an isp who operates entirely out of Sealand. The niche HavenCo has is that Sealand has no laws over net traffic. Should we be afraid of countries declairing e-war with data havens for harboring e-terrorists? It really gives me an e-headache.

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