People Don't Trust Web Companies To Keep Their Info Safe — Gee, Wonder Why…

from the tough-one dept

In news that should shock absolutely none of you, most people don’t trust online companies to keep their private data safe. That’s what these companies get after years of giving out your private info to marketers, or simply letting the data walk out the door through security holes and other mistakes. Basically, there’s very little trust left, and it’s not at all clear how these firms can go about rebuilding that trust. The real question, though, is what are people doing about it? It certainly looks like they’re still giving away that info, even as they’re afraid it’s going to not be kept private.

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Comments on “People Don't Trust Web Companies To Keep Their Info Safe — Gee, Wonder Why…”

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Rick says:

Because they're stupid

The same people who complain still give their information out willy nilly, very true. The companies know this and thrive upon it. It’s the same concept with any major company nowadays. Why bother changing when nobody really cares, they just complain and keep paying for the abuse anyway.

Look at credit card companies for example. While they may have slightly improved security, they still continue to rape our wallets. Late charges are near $40 and climbing. Interest rates that used to hover around 5-8% above the fed’s prime rate 15 years ago are now 15-20% above the prime rate.

Another example, ATM fees cost us $2 a pop, for .0002 cents of work, putting the 6 tellers the bank used to have out of jobs. We pay them anyway.

As long as the fools out there keep giving out every bit of personal information and keep these companies who don’t care or don’t know how to protect your info properly, the status quo won’t change. We could boycot them, but will your neighbor, or the guy who just got on the net last week?

It extends far beyond just information, look at how the RIAA and MPAA are trying to control digital entertainment – THEIR WAY – rather than adapting to the medium. Geeks and the few who understand we’re not all thieves all complain abotu it, but the entertainemnet industry keeps railroading ahead, financing the politicians into believing everyone is evil.

We need a few new laws: ALL digital information must be secure or you will be responsible for ALL costs relating to the loss of such information. Also, ALL digital media distribution must adapt to the way it is being used by the public, not the way you want it to be used, or you cannot distribute it. Any EULA that states otherwise is entirely NULL and VOID.

thecaptain says:

Re: Because they're stupid

“Another example, ATM fees cost us $2 a pop, for .0002 cents of work, putting the 6 tellers the bank used to have out of jobs. We pay them anyway.”

You’ve just hit upon my major pet peeve of this century and I wonder if anyone else noticed this?

When Bank cards came about, EVERYONE touted a “cash-free” type of society, EVERYONE can shop with just a card!!! Use the ATMs!!! Its more convenient!

And to ease us into this, they started putting fees on using a teller (2 bucks vs 35-40cents at the ATM or free if you have the right account plan). Soon, everyone used the ATMs and Interac is available everywhere…

Fast forward to now.

Bank ATMs are becoming scarce, rather, noname ATMs are proliferating at 2-2.50 (I’ve seen 3 bucks) per transaction…AND less and less stores accept bank cards because THEY have the noname ATMS they want you to use instead…I mean why should the stores pay Interac fees when YOU can pay THEM 2-3 bucks to take out money to then buy from THEM? Its win win…

Grrrrr….they nickel and dime you to death.

Chris H says:

No Subject Given

I haven’t paid an ATM fee in years. I can’t believe some banks charge YOU to use someone ELSE’S ATM…. and even worse people are okay with that.

There are also a lot of conveneince stores around here that offer free ATMs. And my bank has ATM’s at rest stops all along a highway I always travel.

Did I mention I love free online bill pay? An online traceable check, no checkbook to balance, no form to fill out, and no stamp/envelope to mail.

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