Will Sony BMG's Rootkit Be The Most Popular Malware This Month?

from the please,-make-it-stop dept

We’d absolutely love for the Sony BMG / First4Internet story to die (a painful death) already, because it seems like it’s taken up too much talk time already — but something about it refuses to give up. The latest is that security researcher, Dan Kaminsky, has been trying to see how widespread the rootkit was spread and discovered evidence that an awful lot of computers are exposed and at risk of being infected by malware that takes advantage of the promiscuous nature of the rootkit. So, will the rootkit make it to the tops of those lists the virus companies love to put out each month detailing the biggest problems? Will Sony BMG and First4Internet still refuse to apologize and say there’s no risk at all?

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Comments on “Will Sony BMG's Rootkit Be The Most Popular Malware This Month?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

Not to be off-topic or anything but when you make a parenthetical expression it should be around the entire clause, not just some random word in the middle.
“to die (a painful death) already”
Also, a parenthetical expression is usually reserved for a clause that doesn’t have any grammatical connection to the rest of sentence. In this case you could have written it normally and it would have made a hell of a lot more sense instead of just randomly inserting parentheses.

Aaron Friel says:

Re: No Subject Given

An easy way to tell if the parenthesis is appropriate is to check two things:
First, is it brief enough to get a message across that an interjection is appropriate.
Second, if you remove the contained material, does the sentence make sense? “… to die a death already.” does not make sense.

Pericles says:

Re: Re: No Subject Given

The parenthesis, as far as I can see as of this moment, are around “a painful death”. So actually, to say “we’d love for the story to die a painful death already” does make sense and is coherent. However if the author truly wished to use parenthesis instead of just adding the comment to the sentence, the parenthetical statement could have been reworded: “painfully at that” or something to that effect so that at the very least it interjects enough to warrant the parenthesis. But this is not grammar school for christ’s sake, read the article and get on with your life. Jesus you people make it way more difficult than it has to be.

SV says:

No Subject Given

I suppose Mike noticed that everytime he writes about the rootkit his ad income increases significantly.

So as a result, every day we can read a new rootkit article that begins with “god damn it I hate to write another article about it but here it goes”, “wow I wish I had nothing to write about the rootkit but there we go anyway!”, “nooooo I’m writing about the rootkit again!!! read on…”

Angsuman Chakraborty (user link) says:

Tools to find non-copy protected cd's

I hacked together couple of simple tools. A webpage where you can search for non-copy-protected cd’s only from amazon database and another which gives results solely from copy-protected cd’s. Personally after this rootkit fiasco I am afraid of any copy-protected cd’s. I thought others might be interested too in finding cd’s free from any kind of copy protection; hence this effort. The details are explained in the blog link above.

AnySpyware (user link) says:

Rootkit ?

I wrote a little on this rootkit on my site. It’s really terrible work, badly coded and just a mess. In my years of trojan analysis, developing rootkit protection, I didn’t even imagine a music company would be so stupid in their attempt at this. It was pretty obvious this was the way for DRM to try and go.. but using a crappy coder ?

Just happy we created software to block rootkits long before this and the REAL rootkits started spreading. Hacker Defender and FU are much more worry than a silly DRM rootkit.

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