When Your RSS Is No Longer Your Own

from the say-what? dept

Like many others, I’ve used My Yahoo as a home page for a long time. Not surprisingly, since they allow open additions of RSS feeds, I have Techdirt at the top of my list. I just went to the page a few minutes ago, and noticed that the top story for Techdirt said: “This blog is moving” with a date stamp of 8 months ago. This was a bit of a surprise to me. Techdirt isn’t going anywhere, and didn’t go anywhere 8 months ago either. Then I looked at all the other headlines in the feed, and none of them were Techdirt stories either. Instead, they all point to a blog at completewasteoftime.blogs.com that apparently moved somewhere else 8 months ago and no longer exists. For now, you can view the non-Techdirt feed here on the My Yahoo site. Hopefully, they’ll fix it soon, and people will just see the regular feed. However, if that’s the case, you can see a screenshot here, and you can see in the taskbar at the bottom, that the links go to some completely different blog. Apparently, it’s not just us that it’s impacting. Boing Boing seems to point to a blog called ChristyCritter — which, oddly, also doesn’t appear to exist any more. I’m sure this is just a minor glitch, but it still is a bit shocking to see what’s supposedly your feed displaying something totally different that has nothing to do with you. In the meantime, for the My Yahoo users (and we do have quite a few who read us via My Yahoo) who aren’t seeing this… um… sorry? Update: The problem is now fixed. Haven’t heard any details out of Yahoo, other than that it was a widespread problem that impacted a lot of feeds.

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Comments on “When Your RSS Is No Longer Your Own”

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rss squirrel says:


Doesn’t the RSS feed originate from the techdirt.com site and data? The thing you describe sounds like your desktop or myyahoo settings are messed up and that has nothing to do with what techdirt puts out from its RSS feed page?

Someone got on to your yahoo account and scrambled the place the feeds point from what you describe.

or maybe I don’t understand what you are trying to describe as to what yahoo has to do with techdirt’s feed.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: confused

No, it’s a Yahoo problem. My Yahoo acts as an RSS reader. However, as of a few hours ago, it started mixing up the feeds, so that many feeds are displaying completely different feeds from what they’re supposed to be.

The original Techdirt feed is in fine condition. It’s Yahoo that’s showing the wrong feed.

The word out of Yahoo is that it’s a known problem that they’re working on (feverishly, I imagine).

Edward B. says:

Re: confused

IIRC, completewasteoftime.com proxied slashdot.org for my personalized Google homepage (www.google.com/ig), probably due to slashdot not liking people to refresh the RSS too often. After a while (I can’t remember how many months ago) it stopped updating and I had to remove and re-add Slashdot to my Google home. It sounds like Yahoo was using the same service for techdirt and it’s finally died completely.


sydney says:

Re: Re: MyYahoo?

my yahoo is the best personal start page period. it’s the easiest to use and most reliable.

just launched a new feature, reading filters (under “change layout”), that allows users to hide read items and filter the feeds by update time (show me everything that was posted int he last hour, etc.)

and, mediarss is now supported – all flickr feeds, etc. show up as images on my yahoo…

pretty cool

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