Phishing Makes People Wary Of Legit Emails

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While consumers are getting better at recognizing phishing emails, it’s also making them more suspicious and less trusting of legitimate emails. In a study done by a company that makes anti-phishing software (so they’re not exactly unbiased), people recognize phishing mails 82 percent of the time, but recognize legitimate emails from places like their bank or credit card company just over half the time. Of course, when companies keep sending messages that look exactly like phishing attempts and point people to strange domain names, it’s little wonder that people deal with phishing by simply ignoring anything that requests personal info.

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Comments on “Phishing Makes People Wary Of Legit Emails”

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thatguy says:

There's no problem here.

First, 98% of the time, emails that can be mistaken for phishing emails are useless junk mail spam anyway. It’s probably better for people to disregard them as phishing.

Second, what do companies like Chase expect when they send me a legitimate email where all the links are pointing to the same exact place? And all of the links read something ridiculous like:

uh yeah, no thanks.

Rikko says:

Don't email then

Simple as that.

If my bank needs to contact me, they can phone me.
If they’re sending me some crap newsletter, it’s going the same place the rest of it goes.

There is NO reason for an organization to need to elicit personal data via email. If they don’t know your phone number, they probably aren’t entitled to that information anyways.

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