Welcome To The Luxury MVNO, That Will Be $1500

from the that-costs-extra dept

We saw a story this morning about how a Japanese mobile content company planned to launch a US MVNO and thought it was slightly interesting that a Japanese mobile company would start one here. But RCR News missed the real meat of the story: the MVNO, called Voce, is a “luxury MVNO” that charges a $1500 sign-up fee and $500 per month. In exchange for that, the rich and famous in LA and New York will get unlimited voice and data usage, as well as new exclusive handsets every four months. Several companies have attempted to make luxury mobile handsets, with mixed success. But luxury mobile service? That’s a hard concept to figure out, though, like so many other high-ticket items, the mere air of exclusivity brought about by the price might make it a must-have item for the upper class set. And, if nothing else, Mobile ESPN’s not the most expensive MVNO any more.

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Comments on “Welcome To The Luxury MVNO, That Will Be $1500”

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thecaptain says:


Personally Mike, as a daily reader, its not so much the acronym as much as what the heck a Mobile Virtual Network Operator actually does? A cellular reseller with integrated customized services?
I’m looking around for a definition myself…most articles I’m googling right now seem to just assume I know what the heck that is.

Mike (profile) says:


Er. Again, I wrote above: it’s a mobile operator who doesn’t own their own network but uses someone else’s. So, Virgn Mobile is a mobile operator, but they’re actually using Sprint’s network. Virgin Mobile is an MVNO. We’ve explained it in the past multiple times, so it gets quite repetitive to explain it every time.

John says:


I think it’s worth assuming that people visiting this site have either a basic understanding of the tech world or, at worst, a basic understanding of how to use Google.

I don’t come here for definitions. If there’s something I don’t understand, I look it up.

This isn’t kindergarten, it’s a news site.

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