High Tech Manufacturing Workers In Demand

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Well look at that. Whenever we talk about jobs, we get people complaining that all of the jobs are leaving the US thanks to off-shoring and technology, and the insist that no new jobs are being created. Yet, as always, the changing times seem to create new jobs for those willing to learn the right skills. So, currently, because of all the new technology out there, there’s something of a shortage of skilled workers who can fix high-tech equipment used in manufacturing. Is it a pain for people who are skilled in other jobs that don’t exist? Absolutely. We’re not trying to minimize that aspect at all. But, there are new jobs being created, and it’s clear that there are areas where people with certain skills are needed.

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Comments on “High Tech Manufacturing Workers In Demand”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:

But how many new jobs?

As the article says, 3 million manufacturing jobs have been lost. I doubt there will be 3 million new jobs fixing high-tech machines — more like a few thousand.

And of course, the article felt obliged to add the standard misinformation about a “shortage of engineers, scientists, and skilled technicians”, even though the reality is that there are far too many engineers, scientists, and skilled technicians who can’t get jobs.

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