Chatty Bank Robber Doesn't Bother To Stop Mobile Phone Conversation

from the so-much-to-talk-about dept

We all know some people who always seem to be on their mobile phones yakking away. And, whether or not you believe that talking on the phone is somehow distracting from other stuff, it appears that one woman doesn’t let all that talk get in the way of her… er… day job. She’s been seen robbing a series of banks across Virginia all while still talking on her mobile phone. There is the theory, of course, that she’s not actually talking to someone, allowing the phone to act as a prop which takes away suspicion as she enters a bank. Of course, that’s not as much fun as wondering just who she’s talking to.

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Comments on “Chatty Bank Robber Doesn't Bother To Stop Mobile Phone Conversation”

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Ben McNelly (user link) says:

haha thats funny. anywho...

My theory is she is creating an alliby for if she is ever cought, pluss it doubles as a good “normaliser”.

See, when she gets cought, she can just claim that there was some evil bad guy at the other end of the phone, who had kidnapped her son, and she had to rob 5 or 6 banks for him or else!
Well its a theory anyway.

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