Spammer Tries To Push Delete On Spamming Past

from the we-feel-bad-for-you-seriously dept

Jerry Reynolds was one of the biggest spammers on the Internet in the mid- to late 90s, dumping loads of porn spam in newsgroups, and now he’s trying to excise any trace of that past off the Internet. Boing Boing points to a story about how Reynolds is using cease and desist orders and lawsuits to try to stifle the two guys that outed him and erase the past. Spammers have been retaliating against anti-spammers through the courts for some time, and their efforts haven’t been particularly successful. The lesson here is one Reynold’s mom probably tried to teach him at one point: don’t do anything you’ll be embarrassed about people finding out later. Doubly so when it comes to the Internet.

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