Not So Great Expectations: Dating Site Returns Thousands For Lack Of Dates

from the false-advertising? dept

Online dating has obviously been quite popular for some time now, but it appears that one company may have overstepped its legal bounds — though, it’s unclear why those legal bounds are there in the first place. The company, Great Expectations, apparently set expectations a little too high. The service, which started out nearly thirty years ago as one of those video dating services, has moved into the online world in a big way, and apparently thought that let it off the hook of the NY State “Dating Services Law.” A judge thought otherwise and is forcing the company to refund the fees of two women, which could open up many, many more lawsuits. The company plans to appeal, but the really odd part of the story is just how much the service cost. Apparently, one woman paid $1,000 for a six month membership and met no one, while the other woman paid $3,790 for the (no, seriously) “Marriage Program.” Ah, no wonder the expectations were set a bit high. State law apparently says dating services can’t charge more than $25/month. Whether or not you agree with the law (and it’s not at all clear why such a law is needed), it still seems like these women entered into an arrangement where they knew what they were getting into. In what world can their be a guarantee that you’ll meet someone if there simply are no matches and no one wants to meet you back? If the company promised meetings, that’s one thing (and one the woman in the four year program says she was promised dates, so perhaps there’s a claim there), but it seems unrealistic to simply expect dates when there’s the entire other half o the equation to consider. While the fees being paid (and the idea of signing up for a four year membership that promises marriage) seems somewhat staggering, especially considering the competition, it just seems like these women made a bad decision in signing up for this service.

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Comments on “Not So Great Expectations: Dating Site Returns Thousands For Lack Of Dates”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: dating

I would rather be a fat ugly sweathog with a heart and some empathy for people, than someone like you who must think that the outside means everything!!
Good looks and good bodies definately go away as you age,(don’t know what planet you’re living on) it’s inevitable.
I hope you find that person of your dreams because of what they look like, and that never changes….NOT.
It’s a person like you that I dread to meet on on-line dating… so superficial.

Yonatron says:

Re: the situation is ripe for abuse

Yes but shouldn’t a scam like that be covered by existing laws in the vein of “don’t scam people”? Seriously, why is there any member of a legislature who thinks it’s his or her business to decide what the maximum possible value of a dating service is? That’s hurty on the brain.

Robert Martin (profile) says:

You effing unsympathetic males

Testosterone poisining, that’s what it is.

Women, unlike men, are raised in a culture that STILL often teaches they will find their “completion” in a relationship with a man. And for some people, male and female, their “other half” never shows up.

These poor women will pay any price if it holds the prospect of “true love,” because they are so indoctrinated. That’s why the law is needed, to prevent exploitation of the cinderella myth.

If Great Expectations had paid me a couple of hundred, I’d have serviced these ladies, and GE would’ve kept a tidy, secure profit.

mark says:

the inside scoop

I was ata party a couple years back and talked with a girl who worked at one of those places. It might have even been GE. Anyway, she said the clientele tended toward a couple of architypes. The guys were nerdy engineers and lawyers who had busted ass for 10-15 years to have a decent salary and were now looking for a young hottie to validate their professional success, but were too socially awkward to approach women on their own.

The problem with that was, hot young chicks don’t need to pay a dating service, they already have more attention than they can handle.

The female profile tended toward professional women who had achieved managerial success to the point where they had priced themselves out of the mkt. i.e. They all wanted to marry guys who were more successful than they were, but the guys who were that driven and successful were picking up their potential trophy wives without 3rd party help.

She said very few clients ever got what they joined for because objectively, nobody had very realistic expectations of their actual mkt value. A lot of the times nobody even got past the video viewing stage.

Unhappy TN customer says:

No Subject Given

You people don’t understand the kinds of scam tactics GE uses. I am currently fighting legally for a refund for services not yet rendered which they owe me under state law and refuse to honor. Their sales pitch is riddled with lies and inaccuracies, they take your financial and govt. doc. information under false pretext of doing background checks that they never do in order to ascertain how much they can bilk you for, and their written contract has a hidden clause placed behind the sheet AFTER you sign which they DON’T point out to you nullifying any verbal agreements made with them before you sign.

It is business fraud plain and simple, and I am prepared to argue in court that they are in violation of a number of clauses in the deceptive and unfair business practices of the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act.

Why don’t you have a look at to read from hundreds of other victims of this scam what they do. GE has been successfully sued in NY, Kansas, policed by the Federal Trade Comm., and been the subject of multiple news expos?s. I only wish I’d found out sooner.

Mike Murphy says:

Re: Great Expectations - Expectations

Well, so far, I’ve had two meetings with Great Expectations, and I’ve told them flat out, that as long as there are a minimum of two events a month, and they give me full cosmopolitian area benifits, I’d give them $500.00/yr. They have signed off on this point, and additinally, have agreed to allow my counsel to review the contract prior to signing up. That includes waiving the 28/mo fees. So, the question for me becomes, would I pay ~40/mo for two social events a month? The answer then becomes yes, to get out a couple times a month, with singles, it would be worth it. So, as long as they stipulate in the contract what I want to see, then I think it is good to go. I would NEVER pay the 5000.00 they wanted out of the starting gate, it just doesn’t make sense when eHarmony is 300/yr for the same type of service, just without the local events.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.. but if any of you out there, are paying more than 500/yr for this service, they have done you a disservice.

Les Lyons says:

Re: Re: Great Expectations - Expectations

WOW! HELP!!! I just signed up and have until Friday night at midnight to ask for my money back, under the 72-hr rule. I got a “barain” at $3,990 (according to them!), plus $28/month.

I haven’t found good feedback so far! I’m an attractive 54-yr old male with a great personality (according to male and female friends, who are encouraging me NOT to do this!).

I’m torn… any feedback, direct to my email, would be great!


kimmy says:

Re: Re: Re: Great Expectations - Expectations

les- you may have just saved me from a big financial regret!! GE keeps calling me, but I am going to pass. I am an attractive 36 yr old blonde professional, but I ended up linking to GE when I went on a site ‘claiming’ to be a singles mingle coordinating club. I don’t need to put out big $$ to find losers!!!!

Kathy says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Great Expectations - Expectations

Wow, I can’t even believe this site. I found my true love through GE and I know that we would have NEVER met without them. I found the staff to be extremely helpful and kind. I am a 45 year old, attractive brunette and am so grateful to GE. I had almost given up on finding an intelligent, articulate, funny, kind man. I paid $4490 and it was worth every penny. I would recommend it to anyone. It did take some time and all of my dates were not wonderful, but at least I had a pretty good idea of what to expect (by seeing the photos and videos first) before meeting them. I also attended several events and met some of my now dear friends. It was really a win for me across the board.

Tom says:

Re: Re: Re:3 Great Expectations - Expectations

My interview with GE was not the best. They initially pitched the offer at $5000. In my mind I was thinking, I can buy a car for this amount.

Of course, I said no. After brief periods of being left alone, they then countered at $1900 for 6 months. I said, “okay, let me think about it.” The sales woman then applied a very high pressure pitch and said I had to buy today. (ed. note: my roomate is in sales, when they do that, they do not believe in the product)

After saying, “I’m going home”, the saleswoman said, “enjoy your Christmas, because we know where it’s going.”

I ask, if a company employs people like that, would you join it?

Kristine says:

Re: Re: Re:4 Great Expectations - Expectati

Wow 6 months for 1900…we usually sell that for 885 at the office I just was let go after 30 days.
I left my job of two years as a store manager and was told that they were downsizing….hmmmm usually a company has a hiring freeze first. I have a special needs child and Christmas is around the corner. I think death sounds quite attractive right now…

Kristine says:

Re: Re: Re: Great Expectations - Expectations

I am an X sales person. they sold me a job right before Christmas and I have a special needs child…30 days later I do not have a job claiming company layoffs. I sold alot…If I can help you with inside knowledge I will. I left a store manager job that I held for two years so I am out more that 5K!!!


eric alderman says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Great Expectations - Expectations

please inform me on how to proced i signed papers on a sun day but a day later i was telling them that i did not want to do this i makes me nervious the director spoke to me today and tried to convince me to join for my own good.
if there is a 72 hour rule. how do i proceed to enforce it
they wanted me to finance but i refused it from the finance company. please call @702-738-5427


chris says:

Re: Re: Re: Great Expectations - Expectations

I hope you got out I paid the same amount. Never had a video made, never had access to the site and have been barred from their site. The state they do business in has no 3 day right of recision. But there is hope there are cases on the web where they have been sued successfully and a full refund was given. I hope you got out while you could. I am going to go down fighting but I am prepared to lose.

Rachel Brooks says:

Re: Re: Great Expectations - Expectations

I’m thinking about writing to the AG to get the terms of my contract renegotiated-while I realise it’s a contract I do think that I should be able to re-negotiate it but not cancel it.

What kind of legal rep did you get? Contract Law? Personal Injury?

I’d like to find an attorney to represent me.

Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Nunya says:

Re: Re: Re: Great Expectations - Expectations

What did you ever end up doing?? I found some info.
Arizona Revised Statutes covers dating services contracts. From the information I have read via online complaints and what I experienced when I had my appointment, the contract you signed may be voidable under Arizona law.
ARS Sections: 44-7151, 44-7152, 44-7153, and 44-7154 are the statutes to look at. If you don’t know how to view the text of these statutes, let me know. I would definitely file a complaint with the AG and the BBB.

thomas says:

Re: I'm another GE unhappy costomer

To be fair they contract work out to their photographers who are trying to make a living as well. Often the case, this is the first time clients have had their pictures taken in a studio since they were in high school.
So if the photographer tried to sell you photos, dont be upset. Also, people with little, or no self esteem never seem to like pictures of themselves. Hmm..

rob clark says:

Re: Re: First interview

just went into one of the milwaukee GE locations 11-8-06 and paid 2000 for the 3 year (2nd free year) DIAMOND program, and no 295. charge for the pic. What is the normal charge for this ‘diamond’ package..anyone tell me in case i cancel within 72 hours? plmk, time of the essence!!

disappointed GE customer says:

Re: Re: Re: First interview

Prices are all over the map for GE. The main thing you ought to know is that this allegedly highly selective group of people is not nearly, and that you can get the same thing on Ask if you can get a trial period and see what happens. They’re all about the hard sell and their game is “Gotcha!”

Ed says:

This operation is a total ripoff

Spent $4400 for a membership and got nothing. On top of that the online option is additional! They provide no service, no help no nothing. I’ll have my attorney look into it and tell me what to do.

Don’t even consider subscribing to this service. Try instead for a fraction of the cost.

Paul says:

Wow... looks Like I have been had too

I just signed up for the VIP package at $5395. Lifetime membership with no monthly dues. Lots of promises but not all of it was put into writing. I was told that the employees work on salary and do not work for commission. Finding out this may also be false. I wish I would have done my homework first. This is far more expensive than the rest of what you are paying… Looks like it is time for me to cancel… I am glad I found this web page… I had no idea about any of this that I am reading… They claim to have thousands of members… but like you said… I have no idea… this is making me really regret signing up… Thanks for the info… I am still within my 72 hours to cancel…

Kristine says:

Re: Wow... looks Like I have been had too

The only way we were paid was commision.

I gave up a job as a store manager of two years because they promised me a job. Worked there for 30 days and they had to let me go due to company cut backs. hmmmm usually a company knows about these things at least 30 days ahead of time and has hiring freezes. If I can help you let me know.

Monica says:

former employee

I worked for Great Expectations for more than a year, and I also believe it is a complete rip off. First of all, the employees DO make commission, and a lot of it. It is quite understandable considering employees are stripped of all morals…forced to lie to complete strangers who are undoubtedly lonely and vulnerable. There is not just one flat fee. The background check is really a credit check to see how much they can get you for. Most don’t use the service and even more don’t find love. But for those of you looking to get a refund, I do know it is very difficult to do so. There are so many legal loopholes that GE has discovered over the last 30 years, it makes it virtually impossible to break your contract and get any type of a refund. To those of you who have had bad experiences, I truly am sorry. I know I had a very bad experience with them, and they were paying me! I can only imagine how hard it must be! Keep your head up, and move on with your life. You cannot be happy dwelling on the past. And if you signed up for a dating service, obviously you are single and available, so it will take some time, but love and happiness will find you! 🙂

Kristine says:

Re: former employee

Hey former employee from former employee.

I left a job to work for these people. I was a store manager for two years. I was working for GE for 30 days and was let go. I was making my sales and getting along with everybody but just brought into the office and told that there was company cuts. Isnt there usually a hiring freeze????
I have a special needs child, Christmas is coming and now have no insurance. I feel so stranded. They made me alot of promises. They gave me no notice to find a job or even a heads up and I turned down at least five jobs…you are probably thinking woes me…but I am really down and out.

CASSIE says:

Re: former employee

I too am a former employee of GE. DO NOT let yourself be suckered into this service! This is a big CON game! You will be charged anywhere from 3 to 6 thousand bucks for merely nothing. The ‘realtionship therapists’ {ha ha} make a whopping commision off of your desire to meet someone. The 3 to 6 grand is only the price of signing up. Tack on another 2 to 5 hundred bucks for your photos {no you can not supply your own} and cheesy 3-7 minute video. Don’t forget to fork over another 20 dollars a month for online service unless you want to haul your tukas to their library during business hours only for computer use. The monthly events, when they bother to organize them are an additional fee depending on what the activity is and the turnouts are more often than not~ poor. That is of course unless you are a $6,000.00 Premier Member. Then your bowling night {whatever} is ‘FREE” Woo Hoo! That so called ‘background check’ consent form they have you sign when you walk in the door to make you feel ‘safe’, is nothing more than a credit check to see if you even have the funds to be there in the first place. The final straw at this company, was when they encouraged me to sell a premier membership to an elderly gentleman with terminal cancer. I can’t believe this place is even still in business. Try one of the less expensive on line services. I hope they shut this place down soon. It is a company that preys on the lonliness of people and most often at the location I was at, elderly people at that. Rotten to the core!

Anne says:

GE isn't all bad.

Honestly people in my opinion . . . if you are complaining about this you’re the one that has the problem. Let me lay down the situation. . .you’re an adult and you agreed to pay that much making you the dumb person not the sales representative a bad person. . . they’re just doing their jobs. I have never tried GE but I do know people that both work there and are members and I have witnessed more than 3 engagements in the last year through GE. Also if you are going into the service thinking that you a 55 year old men deserve a 27 year old female. . . think again and same goes for overweight bitter women who think they deserve the freakin’ tommy model . . .has it ever worked before. . . these people at GE are not freakin’ miracle workers! Seriously, think long and hard about it . . . there is nothing worse than a group of so called adults complaining about how somebody ripped them off . . .If you are dumb enough to get ripped off then that is your fault. Besides why does everyone always look at the glass half empty and not ever half full . . . want to think about how many marriages, relationships and friendships have come from dating services such as GE. No none of ya’ll probably have b/c your too busy being the bitter people that ya’ll have always been.

shhhhh says:

Think about it

Now I hear all of the complaints but Im gonna have to agree with Anne. If you are a big enough cornball to pay $5000 for marraige your original mindset is just not logical.

Think about it. If you are actually on a dating site looking for love through a computer screen …stop , just stop now. Get off your home office chair and take a walk. Try hmmm the park? the grocery store? take trip to the local gathering spot. GE is exactly what it is. A service that puts you in contact with other people who have paid to be in contact with you. If you cant find a date maybe you should re evaluate yourself and your approach. Are your pics bad are you too picky(referring back to self worth) does your shirt in your profile make you look like a hobo????? Consider lonely for life an option not Great expectations!!! Maybe you should try a lifestyle counselor ala starting over or and image consultant at your local Macy’s. Don’t put out trash and expect to receive gold in return , trash attracts flies kids.

If you do decide to try a service start with a success rate did u know marriages result every single day through GE???? Did you also know they are all under a 5% divorce rate?? Pricey as they can be the do produce results, just keep in mind what you are bringing to the table. If you know youre socially inept, not pleasing to the eye, with bad breath and no sense of fashion what so ever maybe you should scratch that mom says I can do anything mentality and hop on the closest transit or in your shiny new benz whatever and visit the land of reality check.

Pissed off says:

Re: Think about it

Go fucking Shhhhhh yourself cunt. You’re an asshole. You should know better than to give whipped advice. You are too stupid to understand people are humans. Humans make errors. Duh! Like you posting your stupid shit right above this comment. I understand, it was Human Error and you didn’t mean it. Well, GE doesn’t understand humans make errors. They understand that when you sign your name, that money is already spent via commission and salary. When they don’t get what they expect, they go into debt, then come after you for $$$$$. You are an IGNORANT CUNT and you need to get scammed too to understand the error of your ways, bitch.

Dee Dee says:

Just Be Realistic

Some people just join any kind of dating service and think that everyone is going to pick them and that they are going to me the person for them in 3 months and will be married within a year. It doesn’t work that way. Many people who aren’t any serious relationships have eithered spent the last years working on a career or trying make a series of bad relationships better.

In either case they definitely have not learned the proper skills to make great relationships. Then no matter what dating service they join they think they can continue to either be anti-social and work on their career OR continue to pick people that are wrong for them (by looks or habits) but since they are in a service then everything will change.

Then they blame whatever the service it is from to Great Expectations for why they don’t have a great relationship. They never once consider the advice given them by the dating service. has Dr. Phil and Great Expectations has staff but they won’t listen. So when they continue having bad results it’s always someone else’s fault.

My friend gives her first date a list of all the things they must do on the first date. But the service she meets these guys from just has a bunch of lame men and she is going to cancel at the first chance she can get. I’ve told her that she can’t do this but she told me that they have to know up front that she won’t take any mess. She scares them off and then wonders why all men are all the same and never call her for a second date.

You guys no I’m telling the truth because you all have that friend just like I am describing. You can clearly see what they are doing wrong and they won’t even listen to you.

Pissed off says:

Re: Just Be Realistic

Hey, you too, mother-fucker. I never intended to use GE’s service and they still come after me for $$$$$$$$ because my money is worth more value than thiers. They are stupid fucks and so are you. This company sucks and the employees should just kill themselves for working for “trail of dating tears” money. Ever heard of blood money, bitch? This is Tear money. So, if you don’t understand this…GO FUCK YOURSELF….then you have some serious soul-searching to do.

Scott says:

Need Advice?

Unfortunately I ran across this site after having signed my $4200 “VIP Lifetime Membership” contract. I’m still in my 72 hour grace period though. During the “interview” I felt as though I were being pitched. Having previously been in sales, I was familiar with all the mind games salesmen play, yet in my trusting nature i bit anyway. My “interviewer” said he was on salary and his background was in marketing and psychology. I know he was lying upon telling me this. Don’t believe me? Go to, search for GE and read the job description and qualifications for their “sales represenatives”. I have to say, they have very good training for their sales staff.

I’m now stuck in a delima. I would like to use their service because I do believe quality individuals can be found there but I don’t enjoy feeling like I was sold something, no one does. Buyers remorse I suppose. It doesn’t seem like a scam, just a little shady.

I’ve yet to find any positive blogs or reviews praising GE other than those “canned” reviews that I’m sure GE has pushed out. Anyone know of any ACTUAL success statistcs regarding their services?

So, do I spend the 4200 and see if they offer what they say or save my money for a much needed vacation?

Smart Person says:

Be Realistic

Do you think a company could be successful for over 30 years if it didn’t work? I’ve worked for GE and know that the only people who don’t have success, have that problem because they are not realistic.

If you are a 55 year old man, don’t pick only 25 year olds and expect to have 10 dates lined up. With thousands of members, if you can’t meet someone through GE, ever think maybe YOU are the problem? I met my husband through GE. My aunt met her husband through GE, and I know hundreds of others with the same story.

People who come to GE, complain, and want a refund just realize that they are still in the real world, and no matter who you are, it’s not easy to meet someone great. At least with joining GE, you have a better chance. It’s a numbers game.

Regular internet dating has almost 50% of it’s clients as married people, while GE actually screens.

After working here, I realize why most people are single. THEIR CRAPPY ATTITUDE!! So change your attitude and be positive and you might just meet someone.

disappointed GE customer says:

Re: Be Realistic

No doubt GE works for some, but their sales tactics are high-pressure to the hilt. At the end of two hours you’re forced to make a decision amounting to several thousand dollars with no trial period or chance of a refund. You’re offered substantial discounts off of a highly inflated price, being told “it’s only good for tonight.” It’s after work, it’s late, you’re tired, you’re lonely and prone to feelings of desperation. They play to your weaknesses, and flatter you as well. But you must join now, so you do. Finally, after the photo and video session, you get onto the site and soon realize that this “selective” group is very small and consists of few you’re even interested in. Then the sinking feeling comes in, that you have blown a major wad, and all you can ask is “how did I do this?” The few women I’ve spoken with have made references to the exorbitant price charged, but I guess in the overall scheme of things $3-5,000 is something you can bear when you have assets of several hundred thousand. I don’t. I am going to try to negotiate a settlement with GE, as I haven’t been in for very long, but I’m expecting it to be difficult. They appear to be sharks. It’s been my most expensive lesson yet in the school of hard knocks, though hardly something you’d think an organization would be proud of.

kristine says:

Re: Re: Be Realistic

Please let me help you. I worked for the company until yesterday. I left a job to work for these people. My husband is angry with me, I have a special needs child and Christmas is around the corner. Death looks really attractive right now…I was making my sales and still they did this to me 30 days later. So I am basically out 32K a year until I can find a job in a soft economy

disappointed GE customer says:

Re: Re: Re: Be Realistic

Kristine, it sounds as though GE’s specialty is making people feel stupid about themselves. I guess the consolation is that we receive an invaluable lesson in the school of hard knocks. At least I’m not out a job–instead I’ve just lost “x” number of days of my life in order to make up the extravagant/exorbitant amount of money I blew! In the short time you were at GE did you hear of any customers attempting to get their money back?

Cindy says:


I tend to agree with most of the compliants, signed a contract 2 years ago for 2400.00 They played on my emotions and loneilness. They showed men that would be interested in me .
After I signed the contract they were all inactive, imagine that. I realize now it was all a scam, won’t fall or be that stupid again..Don’t recommend to anyone..

Prof. Steven Carrington says:

Great expectations.

The company was a very good idea for professionals who just did not have time to look for a partner when it started 30 years ago with Personal computers and an Internet. However, the original company was sold and new owners after new owners finally settled on individual franchises. All franchises have a link to a database that is so out of date that some who appear on it joined 30 years ago.
OF COURSE this is a scam, three-State Attorneys General are currently suing the company and local franchises. The number of complaints is in the thousands and more states will follow.
For those who could qualify there are legitimate services of this type out there run by very reputable people and have top clients including celebrities, royalty, captains of industry and the idle rich and they pay outrageous sums to be properly united with persons of the type and character they look for. One Texan, lighting his cigar with a $100 dollar bills said he was so happy he might just do like old Bush and run for president now that he had a first lady.

Kristine says:

Re: Great expectations.

It is a scam. I quit a job of two years as a store manager. I wanted to help people find happiness…sincerely. They offfered me a job and I decided to go for it. 10/30/06 I was let go due to company downsizing after 30 days.
my husband is so angry at me, I have a special needs child and Christmas is around the corner. I have to hit the pavement to find a new job in a rather soft6 economy

LINDA says:

Re: GE in Ft Worth, TX

I was taken for $6495 for a 3 year membership! I asked for a full refund the following day-less than 24 hours later. I filled a dispute with my credit card company the following day, filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau 2 days later and had an appointment with an attorney within a week. My attorney sent a Demand For Refund letter to the main office in Houston with a response from them that the contract is non-refundable under any circumstance and stated if I pursue with small claims they would not only win but would counter sue for their attorney costs. My credit card would not dispute the charge because of the non-refundable contract. I am out $6495!!!!!!!!!!! Please email me back as to your story and if you are getting any resolve!

disappointed GE customer says:

Re: Re: GE in Ft Worth, TX

Linda, I’m not a lawyer, but my sense is that GE is bluffing. Something just doesn’t sound right with the idea that there’s no way to get a refund on a $6,000 purchase which you cancelled within a day…in fact, in sounds incredulous! Stick with your lawyer. I hope you’ll call their bluff.

Michael says:

Re: GE in Dallas, TX

Dallas GE conned me for $big money.

I saw a street sign for When I got home I went to the website. There was no informaion about, only a contact form requiring information of me! A girl started calling and leaving voice mails from dallas After two weeks and six unanswered calls I picked up. The girl told me about dallas singles, and then asked me to come in for an interview and a background check. There was never any mention of it being Great Expectations. When I went to the street address she emailed me, it was Great Expectations. Then they hit me with the high sales pressure of sign up now or you’ll never be anybody.

disappointed GE customer says:

Re: Re: GE in Dallas, TX

Interesting. I’ve seen the same signs in a lot of cities, but never thought this was GE. I’ll have to begin checking these out further.

As for a refund, you’ve got the next-day cancellation in your favor, but you may need to speak to a lawyer. A beautiful young girl with a boob job conned me into GE (and I don’t even like boob jobs!) and $5,000 disappeared from my account. This is not to say I wasn’t responsible, because I knew all along what I was doing. Rather, it’s just an indication of how far you’ll go when you’re lonely and somewhat desperate. I’m still going to try to do something, but this has been such a bad investment that it’s laughable. It’s only money, I keep on telling myself.

Michael says:

Re: Re: Re: GE in Dallas, TX

Lonely yes. Desperate? Hell no! Far from it! I wasn’t looking for a dating service. What I was looking for was organized parties where everyone was single.

They got me for a lot more than you so it hurts more.

I would think that checking on someones available credit without permission would fall under some sort of invasion of privacy law.

I have a friend who was a former civil judge in my city. He’s now an attorney again. He said hiring a lawyer wouldn’t be worth it because the average hourly charge by lawyers in our area is $500/hr. That could surpass what I was conned on just gathering the facts, digging up the dirt and building the case.

disappointed GE customer says:

Re: Re: Re:2 GE in Dallas, TX

I apologize if the implication came across that I thought YOU were desperate. I meant it to apply both generically and, most of all, to myself.

It didn’t occur to me that you could pay out even more than I did, but I guess with this organization the sky’s the limit. I will predict one thing: all things must pass, and so too will GE. They are making too many people too angry, and in time I suspect something like a “60 Minutes” expose will bring the curtain down on them. It is just such a blatant case of exploitation that I cannot see this going on more than a few years longer, especially with the power of the internet spreading word of peoples’ experiences.

Michael says:

Re: Re: Re:3 GE in Dallas, TX

The sad thing is often they are members of the BBB in there area. Oprah, dateline, Forbes and others have promoted them. I’m sure none of these supporters knows the truth of their business practices though.

What GE is doing in “background check” is actually doing a credit check on the CC you volunteered to see what the max amount of money they can con out of each person is. That explains the different dollar amounts everyone was coned for.

DD says:

Less than Great Expectations at Tysons Corner VA

I am still shaking my head over the put-downs etc with the GE staff at the Vienna VA office on Sunday, January 13. When I spoke with the “interviewer” on the phone I explained that it’s a rare day off and I don’t feel like getting dressed up today, can I go as I am?
“Certainly, this is only an introduction, it doesn’t matter what you wear, come as you are” she said.
So I did. It’s 70 degrees in January in the Washington DC area, Im doing housework so I come in shorts and a t-shirt.
There were at least 5 comments made about how I look when I come in, as the GE staffer said, “You never know who you’ll run into in here.”
Comments about having makeup done, always looking my best, looking presentable, etc.
I’m not ugly, I look okay without makeup. I asked the question, then I was made to feel less than whole because of the way I came in. I gave up dating people that would make me feel less of myself 20 years ago, why would I fork over 5K to have someone tell me the same crap? What a set up and what a bunch of lies. There was a man there, very tall, nice looking. I decided on the way home that he is likely a GE “plant”, to entice me in. Probably on the inactive list.
I will not keep my saturday appointment for 11 am. I will post my impressions wherever I can, and I am glad it cost me only my a ding on my credit report which was incidentally hit while I was in the office or shortly thereafter. I did not sign up as I would not give them a full credit card payment up front. Otherwise it was 20% interest with their finance company. What a crock of crap. Thanks for adding to the feeling I had that this is just may be a complete sham. My experience: “Its Just Lunch” costs less with the same effect for me personallyTwo dates in 3-4 months. Zero in common and IJL can pound sand too. I am looking into the class action suit info online about them. Good luck everyone!

Bradley says:

Stopped payment on the check within 24 hours...

I went in – price went from 7K to 1K + 500 for pics, online access etc… Wrote a check – signed the contract and went home. I found this website looking for reviews *and some solace after spending that much cash… I went to the bank this morning and cancelled the check (better to spend $30.00 instead of $1500.00) so that it won’t be honored. Interested to see the reaction from the company when they get the “stopped payment” check in a few days… I’m sure that they’ll try to enforce the contract, send it to a collection agency, etc… unfortunately for them – NO lawyer is going to bother having a judgment filed over $1500.00 – not gonna happen – worst they can do is try to hurt my credit… and TRUST ME there are ways to keep that from happening… Any Thoughts Anyone on how they’ll react to the “stop Payment”?


disappointed GE customer says:

Re: Stopped payment on the check within 24 hours..

I don’t think they’ll go to court. GE is nothing if not practical, and will not throw dollars away in a quest they know is futile. My guess is they’ll call and try to coax you back, possibly even try to intimidate you with the charge that you signed a contract, but as you intimate, their bark will be worse than their bite.

I’ve been a GE member for too long to have any hope of getting my money back, so I’ll just offer my perspective on the experience. I’ve gone out on several dates and the women have been pleasant, but as yet, no sparks have flown. I’ve had a fair number of women contact me, but thus far only one who has aroused my interest. In its favor I would say that after paying all this money, GE members generally try harder. Some would say if you ultimately connect with that one person it’s all worth the money, and yes, it would be, but the issue is that GE is an incredibly overpriced service. If all ends well, the money becomes an afterthought, but in what percentage of cases does that actually happen? For the money they charge you would think they’d have to GUARANTEE a marriage!!! So, my money is gone, but might as well make the best of it. From my experience thus far I don’t see any special advantage to GE over a, which charges one-hundred dollars per six months. GE offers a selectivity, but it pretty much amounts to selectivity based on income. I’ll admit, I got sucked in, but as someone once said, “if you have a lemon, make lemonade.”

Mary says:

Great Expectations

The only thing certain about Great Expectations is once they bill your credit card you will never get a refund. The Dallas TX franchise is a total fraud. Buyer be ware. They advertise “lots of available professional men” in the Dallas area. You won’t see or find them. The closest search their web service has to Dallas is a 100 miles. The large majority of these men aren’t availabe and probably don’t exist at all.
Their contract is evidently written to prevent any refund pro-rated or not.
Then after you pay their huge fee, you still have to pay $200 for the “photo” session and $19.95 a month to look at unavailable “candidates” on the web site. You can’t view any candidates until you have your photo session.
Don’t make the same mistake I did. If you do, don’t expect any help from these scam artist via the BBB in trying to get a refund.

Isaac says:

holy crap on a stick

I had no idea what kind of service this was. I was already a bit on edge from having them call me fairly often. I skipped our first meeting. I just got called again today and they pushed me to get an interview in tommorrow. They kept saying they had “lovely ladies” etc etc and man – i felt like I was talking to a pimp. She said to bring 2 forms of ID and my credit card and said the word “selective” many times.

plus she laughed and laughed when i said “i dont know” about something and said i was “very funny”. Hey, im pretty easily flattered, but i didnt say anything relatively amusing so i was a bit taken back by that strange response.

Also, FYI, they called themselves “Minneapolis Singles” (very ungoogable) so i did a google search on their address to discover they were really great expectations. 3300 Suite 300

To all who posted thus far – thanks for warning me! [im a sucker too. i get pushed into sales too easily to risk going there]

Kelly says:

I'm happily married through the service...

I’m really surprised to see all of these negative comments. I met my husband through GE last year. I was meeting a lot of men that seemed to be playing around before this service. I had a lot of wonderful dates with men that actually wanted a relationship, which was pretty foreign to me. My last first date was with the man I just married last week. To me the 5k I spent has been completely worth it.

disappointed GE customer says:

Re: I'm happily married through the service...

Kelly, it’s wonderful when it works, but I wonder what the percentages are on that? As for those of us for whom it’s NOT working, can you really not understand why we might be upset spending $5,000 and getting so little on such a hard sell? If GE is as “great”as it claims to be, why not some leeway for those people for whom it has not lived up to “expectations?”

Kacey says:

Great Expectations Scam!

Don’t be a Victim of the Great Expectation Dating Service!

This people are professional scam artists who will try to take you for thousands. They prey on the lonely, vulnerable people who have had bad dating experiences and are searching for a mate. Their methods include:

• They will pressure you into joining their service by knocking off thousands off of their membership fees if you sign up on the first day that you come into meet with them. This prevents you from conducting research on their company to see what they are made of.
• They will pressure you to join with telling you meaningless facts.
 They will tell you the have a 90% success rate of finding a mate. They won’t give you time frame or what finding a mate is. After long enough everyone can find someone.
 They also say that they only have a 10% divorce rate, but they don’t follow up on their members, so the 10% is only the number that they hear about. I asked how they know they about this value and the representative said that the ones that they are divorced come back to be members. They only know about a small number because the ones that they take for money WON’T come back to be taken advantage of again.
 They will tell you that they have a 24:1 ratio of men to women to try to entice you into their service.
• They have an unsatisfactory rating with the Better Business Bureau because Great Expectations failed to respond to consumer complaints. See
• The Consumer Affairs Organization has dozens of complaints listed on their website. See
• Kansas and Pennsylvania currently have consumer protection law suits against them for $1.1 million and $4 million.
• See for postings on Great Expectations. There is 95 complaints on this website for Great Expectations. See!&q5=Great+Expectations+&Search=Search
• They will offer for you to put a deposit towards their services in order to “hold” the discounted cost of their membership. They will give you time to think about their service and tell you to call them and let them know whether or not you decide to go with their service. They will not disclose that you have to send them a certified letter canceling the service or appear in person with a letter to cancel the service. After putting down a deposit on their service, Great Expectations with then attempt to get you to sign a credit card receipt for the remaining money. They appeal to you by saying that if you sign the receipt now, that they will save you a trip to their office if you decide to go with the service. DO NOT sign the receipt. Signing the receipt means you agree to pay them the money regardless of whether or not you decide to become a member of their service.

Think before you sign up or even meet with this service, or you could soon find yourself parting with thousands of dollars.

Pissed off says:

Re: please people

Stupid fucking bitch. Here’s another one of them that thinks they know it all. Goddamn it, cunt, why don’t you come down from your fat fluffy cloud and get a real life. Not everyone in the whole fucking world are optimists, okay. Some people find optimism annoying and intrusive and it just annoys people to the point of being pissed off. Besides optimism, when you pay for something you don’t get, you want something, no matter what it is, in return, duh! I hope it does make you laugh…cuz you’re a sick fuck for laughing at other people’s misery. I have a fucking Goddamned given right to be pissed off with these mother fuckers. I hope when you go home at night and feed your kids you think about what you are laughing at…like you’ve never been wronged before. You’ve probably been wronged so many times you just got bitter and find it funny when others are doing the suffering and not you. Fucking nasty cunt!

Anne says:

please people

this site makes me laugh so much!!! listen to you people . . .no wonder you are single. . . you’re all so bitter. Ok so the service didn’t work for you. Maybe b/c you such a joy to be around and you’re all so positive — (that’s definitely scarcasm if you didn’t pick that up quite yet.) This service works for some people and not for others. That’s the way everything in the world goes. Do you get mad and bitch like this at your gym because in the three years that you have a Membership there you didn’t get any less fat. NO! because you know that you have to work at that. I don’t see you crying that you have to pay a gym money and still work at your goal. The same applies at GE. . . You have to still work at getting a date. The difference there is that there is a staff to help you, the pictures are taken by an in house photographer and there are monthly member events so that you can meet many other members at one time. From what I have researched on the Web Great Expectations does have some people complaining about Membership costs and some people have met the love of their lives through the service. But when I have reserched online dating sites such as and I have found that there are many stories of people meeting other members who have posted completely fake pictures up, married people who sign up as single and murders from psychos who have signed up. Yes Murders! So maybe you all should realize that you are paying that extra money for things such as the staff meeting and getting to know all the members, knowing that the photos are accurate and knowing that the members are not married. I think all that is worth the money.
You people frustrate the hell out of me and I hope that all of you stay single or hook up with one another because I would hate for a decent person to have the unfortonate experience of being in a relationship with people who bitches and complains about anything as much as you all do. Get over the fact that the service didn’t work for you, be happy that it worked for others and get the hell off this site b/c this site sure isn’t bringing you any luck finding a date and that is why you are all bitchin right? because you didn’t find a date?

disappointed GE customer says:

Re: please people

Anne, I think you miss the point. GE makes extravagant claims and, accordingly, charges a rather extravagant price. Their sales techniques, as many have noted here, are hard-sell to the hilt. And just what do you suppose ARE the success percentages? You call us “whiners,” but just speaking for myself, I went to GE lonely and weak and confess that I was flattered by a line of bull spouted by an attractive 20-something woman, making what now appears to be the worst investment of my life (in that context, at least it was “only” about $5,000). That is mostly my fault, but let’s not give GE a pass on it either, as they were the ones consciously throwing around the bull. Finally, what do you call a business that won’t give a refund on cancellations within three days (or in some cases even less!)? It basically amounts to an exploitative way of doing business. You are right, however, that once a member one might as well try to make the best of it, and that does require some work.

Anne says:

Re: Re: please people

I still think you are missing the point honestly. I understand that you feel as though you lost a lot of money. You say that the sales person handed you a lot of bull but you took it. Besides what makes it all bull? It’s you building it up in your head because you fill disappointed, but why? Because you haven’t found someone to love quite yet? That takes time. Ok and this whole I was lonely and weak when I was sold my membership, ok so you were going through a low point but let me remind you. You entered a profile on the internet, you took the call from their representative, talked with their representative, set an appointment, drove yourself to the center, got out of your own car and walked yourself into the center, had an interview with whomever and then decided it was for you. That is a lot of stuff YOU had to do. It’s not like the GE representative forced you into anything. It was your decision to make and you made it. Now make the best out of it. You never know maybe if open your mind, let down your wall of bitterness and go for it, you will have luck!
From what I understand, they have been around for over 30 years, so they must be doing something right?!

Pissed off says:

Re: Re: Re: please people

Yeah, it takes time. Once you’ve found someone you are attracted to and have enough in common with. Obviously, for many that attempted to use the service and didn’t meet anyone isn’t from a lack of trying. Don’t you dare try to make these people feel worse than they already do. I’m already getting ghetto on your ass for being such a stuck up love-theif. It’s not that they didn’t try, but, it’s that GE sucks ass. Didn’t you read the one about the employees who sit around and laugh all day and practice flirting. Does that sound like work to you? They are handing out lessons on relationship techniques or dining etiquette for fat men, they are sitting around spending dough and livin’ it up while others suffer and hope. They feed on the ocean scum while their customers dream of the fishes. And if you don’t get that metaphor, bitch, or similie, bitch, then you are a fucked up cunt bitch motherfucker who needs to shut the fuck up. Quit playing frogger with people’s emotions and go home, in your head.

Pissed off says:

Re: please people

You are fat, bitch. You need to go on a diet. Gyms don’t have scams and complaints like this, bimbo. And, your written sarcasm sucks. And, bitch, I was lied to about what I signed. I didn’t want their service at all…ever. If I had enough money I would sue the motherfuckers for puttnig me through so much agony. My dollar is not in noway shape or form going to support thier lifestyle, feed thier mouths, or flush their toilets. Got it, bitch, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah. You are a stupid fuck for not understanding that you are laughing at people’s suffering and pain and wasted time and energy because these people don’t know how to make an honest living. They want something for nothing. Besides the murderers bit, you have to know that I never intended to use a dating service, was lied to about the paper I was signing, and you know what kind of response I got? I got a, “well, it’s a legally binding contract”. Shit. That bitch on the phone is still ringing in my ear. So, fuckyou, fuck your stupid, blah blahs, I’ll get a fucking date if I really wanted to. You need to go fuck yourself…
Goddamn it, you are so fucking stupid. Don’t order people to get over it. You get over yourself. Shut the fuck up, bitch. Relationships involve feeling, understanding, compassion. None of which you have. You are probably one of those sorry mother-fuckers that marry for money, only to find out thier husbands leave them when they are 20 lbs heavier and full of wrinkles. You stupid bitch. Don’t know a thing about life. Don’t know a thing about people. ONly want money, and now fame. Hahahahahahahahahaha. Oh, look, I’m laughing at you. How does it feel, you stupid fuck?

michele says:

Great Expectations of Scottsdale, Arizona

After I saw a sign in my neighborhood about a website for a great place to meet singles, I went online and “registered.” Next thing I know I’m getting phone call after phone call from Great Expectations wanting me to come in to take a look at their services. “Just a quick appointment.” “It will only take you an hour.” “We just want to show you what we can offer you.” I kept saying that I really didn’t think so. Well, reluctantly, I went in for an appointment this past Saturday. I have never been so pressured in my life. Two and a half hours of pure torture. I thought used car salesmen were bad…they have nothing on these people. I consider myself an intelligent person…fairly educated….and they put me in that dimly lit room and kept stringing me along. I kept telling her that I just didn’t feel right. I about freaked when she told me the price. She kept leaving the room and coming back with better deals and I kept saying no. She actually told me that within 6 months I would probably be dating this rich guy and he would just pay off my debt. She said that she talked to most of the guys that were signed up and they all said they wouldn’t have a problem paying off a woman’s debt. I was so disgusted she would say that. What does she tell the men? Then, she could tell I was down for the count and she took my credit card and my driver’s license for “verification” purposes and the next thing I knew she had already ran the transactions. OMG….I’m thinkin’ what the heck happened?!?!? She kept saying that I would feel better the next day because I was making such a great decision to start my life and that I was doing something so wonderful for myself. Unbelievable. Thankfully, both contracts have a 3-day rescission period. I’m hand-delivering my letter today with the materials they gave me. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Nunya says:

I just received my full refund.

After being subjected to the high pressure sales tactics to sign a contract with Great Expectations on March 31, I hand-delivered my notice of cancellation – returning the materials and demanding a refund within the 3-day cancellation period. Today I received my full refund of everything I paid!!! If you would like to know how I did it, let me know. 🙂 I’d be glad to help.

Kristine says:

Re: I just received my full refund.

Dear Nunya,

I worked for this company and NEVER saw anybody get a refund. Please tell me how you did it so that I can help my many contacts. They had me quit my career job to “help” people find true love…I thought that would be just the most fun…boy did I learn a lesson. I am very happy for you…all I can say is one victory at a time!!!!


disappointed GE customer says:

Re: Re: I just received my full refund.

I don’t think GE is a lawless company, so in this case they were stopped by Arizona’s 3-day cancellation law. What they are is a bunch of salesmen who will promise you the moon, but when there’s no delivery they make certain to have it covered in the fine print.

Kristine says:

Re: Re: Re: I just received my full refund.

I was a salesperson for GE and I know the stall tactics that we used so that clients did not get to use their 3 days. I just thought is there another way? I am willing to give any information that you need…I really thought this was a way to help people…I learned very quickly what this business truly was all about…I gave up my “career job” as a store manager only to be laid off after only 30 days of employment. These people really screwed me over. I feel badly for everybody I signed up and I feel bad for everybody who has been taken advantage by this company.


Nunya says:

Re: Re: I just received my full refund.

I poured over the contract with a fine-toothed comb and found both in the finance contract and the contract they had me sign with them – there was a three-day cancellation period. I made sure that it was hand-written and that I hand delivered it and made the person sign a delivery receipt. In the letter I also referenced the Arizona statute governing dating contracts which also states a 3-day cancellation period. I cancelled the debit card they used so they could not use my number for any future payments. They sent me a refund before the 30 days was up. If you need proposed language for the letter, I can email it to you. The Arizona statutes governing dating contracts are: ARS 44-7151 through 44-7154. My email is if there is anything else I can do to help. My recommendation if there is no 3-day cancellation period in your state would be to contact your attorney general’s office.

ola says:

Re: I just received my full refund.

Please tell me how you did it. I just signed up today and after reading all these blogs I am ready to fold and cry.

Please help. I am not interested in using their services at all. I live in TX and there is no 72 hours cooling off period. Where do u live, if you don’t mind me asking? and how the hell did u do it? 🙂 thanks for your help.

Michael says:

Re: I just received my full refund.

How did you do it? I called them the next day and they refused to grant me a refund. I wrote them a letter of membership cancellation and request to reverse charges. I had it notorized and sent certified mail. I have received the certified delivery receipt yet. I’ve also opened a case (the day after I signed up) with my CC charge dispute dept. They just sent me forms to fill out yesterday. I’ve got a complaint in with the state Attorney General, Consumer Protection Agency, and Better Business Bureau.

Whitney says:

Re: I just received my full refund.

I’d love to know how you did this. I’m dealing with the credit card company now who says they have a receipt signed by me…which they don’t…but if I have to deal with the company, I’d like to be prepared because that’s what it is looking like. I’d love to start a lawsuit against them in NC/SC

Michael says:

Re: Re: I just received my full refund.

Whitney, GE was able to charge me CC again at the end of last year even though I had canceled that card and had another one issued.

I ended up scheduling to take them to small claims court. In the beginning they acted like they were going to show up, but a few weeks before the court date their attorney called wanting to settle for the full amount. He stated that he did not want the issue to go to court.

I still incurred costs fighting them, but I regard those as penalties for my stupidity.

Talk to your municipal court about the small claims process.

Nunya says:

Re: found an attorney


Good luck. I’m in Arizona, but if your attorney would like a written statement or affidavit from me, let me know.

I wish I could figure out a way to help more people. I remember how bad I felt when I was pressured…and that is such a lot of money. I don’t want it to happen to other people.


Kristine says:


Thank you so much. I am just looking for a way to not just help me but those that I pressured. I live with really alot of guilt because I worked for these people. I will ask my attorney what he needs or if it would be helpful. I know that the laws are different from state to state but I wouild imagine that information is information. Yesterday he told me if he could prove fraudulant practices regarding hiring he might be able to prove other fraudulant practices. that is the part that would really make me the happiest. I will not rest until they have been closed down.

sandy says:

Phone call In Miw., Wi

I had found their website and filled out a Free on-line application for Great Expectations. After it was complete, it informed me that a rep would get back to me in a few days….they did. She asked me a few questions over the phone about my MAN preferences and about my interests. She then informed me that they had an opening the next day for my Photo-shoot and to go into more detail about me for my impending profile.
I was told to bring a picture ID and financial proof (because they do backgroud checks to make sure people aren’t married). She also informed me that they do criminal background checks on people because they certainly don’t want any felons in the service.( sounds like they might employe some scammers though!!)
I informed her that I could not come in the following day, but could come in 3 days later. She did set up my appointment time and I inquired about the fee, for which she replied, “oh, we don’t get those prices up here, and they have so many different packages to choose from, that it would be hard for me to tell you that.”….Yes, a RED flag went up at that point, but I still played the game with her. She then had her Manager get on the phone with me to verify me appointment and I also asked her how much it would cost. Her comment convinced me NOT to go to my appointment, she stated, “well, I don’t see any problem with our fees, and as long as you’re not living in a “card-board box” somewhere, you can afford it. We have so many different packages to choose from!!” And then prodeeded to ask me if I was really Serious about coming to the appointment, because if I don’t show up, the Sales person whom I spoke to first would get yelled at, at she does not like having her employees get yelled at!!”
Wow, I certainly called the next day and cancelled my appointment. I also went on this website and read about all the people who have been victims. I feel very sorry for all of you who have lost all of your money to this company. There should be a law against this. Especially when it is so hard earned. This company needs to stop preying on poor innocent people.
I am 51 and am looking for love like the rest of you, but we don’t have to stoop to this level and these companies need to know this. Research before you sign any contract.
With all the available web-sites out there, it should not be too hard to do your own detective work. Good luck with finding your Mr./ Ms. right.

Nunya says:

Re: Phone call In Miw., Wi

Thanks, Sandy. You’re right. There are plenty of websites like this one that warn you about companies and products. Every time I begin to get sucked into an info-mercial, I turn on the computer, get online, and research. 99 times out of 100 there are so many people with bad experiences for the product or the company. I honestly can’t tell you why I did not research GE before my appointment. Maybe it was the woman who kept calling me and making it sound like no big deal. I do have to reiterate that I am fairly computer literate and fairly intelligent and I was not even prepared for the sales tactics. This company is in business to take your money and they are good at taking your money. I have shared my story to hopefully help others.

Onely Heart. says:

I kick myself or not checking out the web on this scam. I just thought that they wouldnt be in biz for 30 years if they were scamming folks. The desk person told me that I would not be able to get out of the $81 dollar monthly debit or the duration. Thats not right. She said that if I were to buy a car I would have to pay for it after I returned it. WHAT? Have you ever heard of the lemon law lady? I was told that the manager or sales lady would get back to me 8 days ago. I counted the active 35-45 ladies in my area and came up with 147. I also have an issue with them doubling my membership duratiion as a special offer. This just means that I have to pay the $109 for another 18 months. This scam must be taking in hundreds of thousands per month. $28 for access fees and $81 for ? Times that by thousands of victims. For doing nothing? I want my money back and then some. Class action in Ca.? Onely Heart no more.

ex-GE customer says:

Sucker in Milwaukee

Well, at least it looks like I am in a big company. I will be hand-delivering the cancellation letter tomorrow – the day after I signed the contract. Already talked to my CC company and they are willing to cancel or dispute the charge as well. And yes, they do make it hard to say no – I have been saying “no” to them for about 15 minutes, but still they got to me somehow…

Kristine says:

Re: Sucker in Milwaukee

I probably do not have to tell you this but be sure that you make a certified copy of the document that you drop off. That way you have proof if you need to take them to court. Cancel your card and have them issue you a new card too.
I am not trying to be bossy…
just looking out for you!


Kristine says:

finally got a job

It took me 8 months to recover from Great Expectations to find another job. I will never fall prey to such a sales pitch again. They hired me and employe me for 30 days and than “laid me off” They convinced me to leave my last job…my career job and finally yesterday I was hired as a business manager for Clarins at the Mall of America for Bloomingdales. I feel a great relief but just know that I will help any of you that needs information on this scam of a business.

Best wishes


Kristine says:

Re: Re: finally got a job

Dear Shelly,

I worked in the Edina Minnesota office. They “layed me off” after 30 days of being employed with them. I thought I was getting involved with a business that would help others to find true happiness. I gave up my job as a store manager to be a sales person. the entire time that i worked there all the women kept me around to do their makeup for Halloween…the Monday after I never worked there again…and they all cried because “they loved me.”

Feel free to contact me by email… How are you related to the Atlanta office?
Are you a memeber or employee?

Hope to hear from you soon.


Marti says:

Something Fishy about GE

I was driving home from work yesterday and I noticed several signs that said “Single?” When I got home I went to this website and filled out a brief questionnaire. One thing that raised a red flag to me was a note made on the questionnaire, it indicated that you should make at least $25,000 annually. When I submitted the application, it said that a counselor would call me within a few days. I received a call today and the person mentioned that they were from Great Expectations. The website did not mention anywhere that they were affiliated with GE…another red flag. This to me is a deceitful practice. They wanted me to come in their W. Los Angeles office and come in just for a brief meeting. I told the “counselor” that I would have to think about, so she said she would call me during the week. However, after reading all of the comments on this website, I will not be going anywhere near their office!

disappointed GE customer says:

Great Expectations - Expectations

Laurie, if you think after reading all of this that it’s worth thousands to sign up for GE, then go have fun! I’m signed up with both GE and and, for all the bucks, you don’t get any more at GE. Dates are easier to come by, but because of the smaller pool you’re more likely to be disappointed. Great Expectations is just that: GREAT EXPECTATIONS. They guarantee you nothing. I’ve gotten about ten expressions of interest since I’ve joined, averaging about one per month, but many of these were so far removed from what I was looking for that it was a joke. The ones I dated, about four or five, were pleasant, but we just didn’t click and there has not been a second date with any of them. The GE rep believes I have been very successful thus far!!! In other words, they are full of it! At least will extend your membership if you come up empty-handed. As for players–who the heck knows? I’ve had dates from, no worse than GE, and with far less drain on my bank account. Still probably the worst financial decision I’ve ever made.

disappointed GE customer says:

Re: Re: Great Expectations - Expectations

Thomas, the bottom line is that GE is a rip-off. For what they offer it is way overpriced. With GE’s bottom line being “there are no refunds,” what would you expect the reaction to be when they realize it is a case of smoke and mirrors? I’m not happy either with the “sue ’em at any chance” mentality which pervades our society, and I personally wouldn’t sue, but GE really asks for it. As for my experience with, I’ve had about as many dates through them as with GE, and of roughly the same quality. The difference is that sets me back about two-hundred dollars per year, contrasted with the GE three-year membership of around three-thousand dollars (not much greater, incidentally, than what GE was charging for the one-year membership).

disappointed GE customer says:

So what is Great Expectations, in the end? It is one of the great sales/con jobs ever created. Those who joined in the recent past are beneficiaries of thirty years’ honing of a very manipulative message. And what do you actually get when you join? Mostly a bunch of women and men who were also taken in by the message–taken in to a point where they were willing to pay thousands for something that is available for a couple of hundred at sites like, among others. As has been stated by others, any “selectivity” has more to do with AFFORDABILITY, in the form of credit checks, than anything else. On the GE home page they note positive coverage in mainstream media outlets such as Newsweek and “48 Hours.” Maybe some of us need to write to these places to offer another side to the story.

And an irony occurs to me: one “positive” aspect to GE is that the people we meet among the GE membership are the mirror image of ourselves, with the same weaknesses which led us to join in the first place. Sometimes we don’t like what we see in the mirror. Meanwhile, we all have something in common.

Through this thread and others, maybe people will now be able to get a look behind the smoke and mirrors of the organization that is Great Expectations.

Michael says:

Re: Re:

disappointed GE customer, I’m a week ahead of you in that suggestion. My visit to GE they bragged about being promoted on Oprah and Dateline. I actually wrote Oprah (the show, not the person), informed them of who GE really was and suggested they review if they really wanted to be associated with GE, or GE associating with Oprah. I informed them that GE uses the Oprah show logo on their website.

I tried to find a way to write Dateline, but I couldnt’ find an avenue to do so.

I would certainly recommend everyone else do so also. The more people that voice, the more they will take it seriously.

Nunya says:

recovered GE victim

I’m happy to say that I received my refund a while ago and have fully recovered from being a GE victim. I just wanted to let people know that I am succesfully meeting a lot of singles and have involved myself in so many new groups and activities…all for free. Yes, you heard me…FREE. You have to pay your own way and all that, but there are no membership fees, no subscriptions, no nothing. My social calendar is so full, it is amazing. I have an online profile at that have more singles than any other paid site I have been on, and there is no cost. Also, if you go to you can look at all the meetup groups in your area and just show up to activities. It is amazing. Give it a try.

Dr. Revenge says:

Attacking GE

I was wondering if anyone has tried to use GE’s tactics against them.

ex: GE uses websites not indicating they are of ge such as, such as,,,

I was thinking what if they got slammed with bogus contact forms containing real residentual address’, real phone numbers, and everything else bogus? The phone number and address would not be associated other than the city, and the phone number would be of a business or other office (BBB?).

GE would be using a lot of resources trying to scam people that don’t exist.

I was reading some tactics from There wasn’t anything like this, but I did read some stuff about faxing the facts about the business you have issues with to them. Ex: Valid complaints etc., so that getting any business from faxes would be a nuisance.

Dr. Revenge says:

Re: Refunds in Texas

It’s not concrete yet, but i may have.

What did I do?

Called my CC company ASAP, opened a dispute and cancelled my card.

Called Great Expectations and informed them I wanted to cancel and wanted charges reversed.

Noted dates, times, locations, people, and contact info for the whole deal.

Submitted letter of cancellation of membership to Great Expectations. I had it notorized and sent certified mail.

Filed complaint forms with 3 divisions of the Texas attorney Generals office. The Federal Trade Commission. Dallas Better Business Bureau. Oprah. Several local news investigation teams.

I would inform who ever you thought might be interested.

Noted bait-and-switch marketing tactics of Great Expectations in each complaint.

Right now the charges have been reversed, but its not concrete yet.

Dr. Revenge says:

Re: Re: Refunds in Texas

I believe I’ve won. It’s been 50 days and the charges have not returned.

This is by no doing by Great Expectations. They are scum of the earth and aren’t at all interested in coming to terms with people.

This is the direct result of working with my credit card company and other local, state and federal public entities to put pressure on Great Expectations.

Act fast, hit them hard. The more people that complain, the more they are put in the spot light.

humiliated says:

Re: Refunds in Texas

Hi! I was finally able to get GE in Dallas to refund my money.

I had tried all sorts of things. My bank card reversed the charges, but GE went to Visa USA, and they charged me again. Visa USA does not post any contact information. I complained to every organization I could think of. Dallas BBB, Texas Attorney General, Federal Communications, FBI, and then some.

Finally I had heard of someone in another state filing a small claim against GE. I checked in Texas. You can file a small claim for less than $10k, if its been less than two years.

GE acted like they were going to show up in court, but the closer it got, they decided they wanted to settle. I only got back what they took from me, and had to sacrifice the other costs incurred while fighting them. I took that as my penalty fee for falling into their scheme.

Contact your county municipal court and see what you need to do.

anonymus says:


I used to work for a company called Together Dating Service. another rip off dating service, but only difference is is that they don’t have a law suit pending, not yet any way. i wouldn’t doubt it if they do one day. they advertised the same way as GE but the only difference was is that people were set up on blind dates. package prices ranged from $2000-$5000. i really thought i was helping singles out. i really did. i figured if someone is paying that kind of cash they most certainly would find the right match. my boss said that not everyone in the world is meant to be with someone, which might be true. but then why do dating service companies lie to these people when they come in and pressure them and promise them false hopes? why not just tell them the truth and say hey we don’t have any matches sorry. instead they’re greedy for your money. my job was to tell singles to come in and tell them that they would just see what we were all about. i really believed that i was doing these people a favor. i made crappy commision plus a sad hourly rate. put it this way i made less than 15,000 a year. any way that wasn’t why i did it anyway. but to think that they use their employees as well dupe singles into paying outrageous money is just sick and wrong on so many levels. after a couple of months i didn’t feel good about working there because i read about our service and GE’s lawsuit and it just makes me feel sick. these companies are preying on lonely hearts and that makes these singles so willing to try it out, not because they’re stupid but because they want to find love. and it’s really shitty to think that some people just want money and commision (the matchmaking consutants, they make awesome commision so no shit they’re gonna sucka you, they want that $).
so to any one who ever reads any type of singles signs out on a road, its going to be either together dating or GE advertising in a very misleading way, making you think that it is another company when it’s not, and both of which are complete rip offs and shouldn’t even be allowed to be in business. examples of these signs are: and beware of profiles you fill out online. alotta of those are leads.
good luck to all of you out there and probably the best way still to find love would be sites like eharmony, so just be careful and don’t give your number out da, that’s why your going to get telemarketers calling you! and if you already have telemarketers calling, just say do not call and they will stop. those are the magic words, otherwise they will call you off the hook like 20 times a day, yea no bullshit, i know i use to do it.

martha says:

Great Expectations Dating

I am one of those lonely, widowed older women who signed up for a Great Expectations Marriage…just what happens when someone flatters you and tells you they have men who are looking for a woman exactly like you….and I quote: “They are going to love you! You are exactly what these men are looking for!”
Well, I feel like a fool now and am considering cancelling my credit card charges and getting into a big fight with them. Don’t know if I will win, probably not, but think it will be worth it.

scammed in Texas says:

free testimony

I was scammed by Great Expectations in June of 2007.
I called the next morning to cancel and they refused to reverse the charges. I then proceeded to cancel the CC I used and open a dispute with the bank. I also sent a dated, notarized letter by certified mail to Great Expectations in Dallas notifying them I was canceling the membership and wanted the charges reversed because I had not used there service.

I made copies of the letter, all my dispute (or case) numbers and shared them with the bank dispute department, three departments of the Texas Attorney General, the Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Affairs, the Dallas Better Business Bureau.

I also wrote letters of my experience to several news investigative teams, and to Oprah (the show)to let them know they may not want Great Expectations using their name to promote themselves any longer.

The bank reversed the charges and enough time has passed that I don’t think that will change.

The BBB sent me the response from GE (which was full of lies from “Stephanie”, and I sent back a rebuttal to the BBB.

If anyone in Texas or Oklahoma is fighting these filth in court or in a legal method, I’m offering my testimony to help.

anne says:


Just one more that got taken in by GE. I did sign with GE in Atlanta, but did only pay $500.00 for pictures…But now I have a company called Conrad calling, who wants $160.00 a month…..untill the debt is paid in full($ 4200), I do not want to pay, but my credit has gone from 740 to 540…
Is there anyone from Atlanta, who wants to share an attorney? Or who can tell me what to do?

jason says:

I saw a post earlier about GE using as a cover… I noticed on my way to work this signs( Pasadena, CA)… I went to their site and it was so generic.. leave your email address and phone number… I was like hmmm… then I find this site and low and behold!@!!!

fuck that!! NO GE for me.

Michael says:

Great Expectations parent companies

Great Expectations Creative Management, Inc.

Great Expectations, Inc., Encino, California (operates franchises in Encino, Los Angeles and Upland)

GEC Illinois, Inc., Schaumburg, Illinois

GEC Tennessee, Inc., Nashville, Tennessee

GEC Alabama, Inc., Huntsville, Alabama

G.E.C.H., Inc., doing business as Great Expectations of Cherry Hill,

Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Great Southern Video, Inc., doing business as Great Expectations of Dallas, Dallas, Texas

New West Video Enterprises, Inc., doing business as Great Expectations of Houston, Houston, Texas

MWVE, Inc., doing business as Great Expectations of Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio

Sun West Video, Inc., doing business as Great Expectations for Singles, Scottsdale, Arizona

JAMS Financial, Inc., doing business as Great Expectations of Milwaukee, Brookfield, Wisconsin (corporate headquarters in Los Angeles)

Great Expectations of Columbus, Columbus, Ohio (corporate headquarters in Los Angeles)

APM Enterprises – Minn Inc., doing business as Great Expectations of Minneapolis, Edina,


Great Expectations–05/18/95)

Sterling Connections, Inc., doing business as Great Expectations of Seattle, Bellevue, Washington Private Eye Productions, Inc., doing business as Great Expectations of Portland, Portland, Oregon GREATEX Denver, Inc., doing business as Great Expectations of Denver, Denver, Colorado

TRIAAC Enterprises, Inc., doing business as Great Expectations of Sacramento, Sacramento, California

San Antonio Singles of Texas, Inc., doing business as Great Expectations of San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas (corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas)

Austin Singles of Texas, Inc., doing business as Great Expectations of Austin, Austin, Texas (corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas)

V.L.P. Enterprises, Inc., doing business as Great Expectations of San Diego, San Diego, California KGE, Inc., doing business as Great Expectations of Sausalito, Great Expectations of Mountain View, and Great Expectations of Walnut Creek (corporate headquarters in Mountain View and offices in each location)

Great Expectations of Baltimore, Inc., Towson, Maryland

Great Expectations of Washington, D.C., Vienna, Virginia

Great Expectations of Washington, Inc., doing business as Great Expectations of Raleigh/Durham, Raleigh, North Carolina

eric says:

great expectations manipulation

a big thanks to kristine for her advice. please people take
note. i signed these documents on sunday night. lucky for me
that i had someone to help. at the end of the 3rd business day, i sent a notarized letter stating my intentions of not
being a member.and not to bill and return any monies that were deducted from my account. make sure you cover yourself
and send it certified mail with a signature requirement.
that same day g/e called me to sweet talk and make a deal
on monday i told them that i am refusing to do this. the same goes for weds. what they will do is sweet talk you or not call until the 3 days are up. before i sent this letter
i contacted this finance company that they use. and told them i will not approve this transaction and i spoke to a supervisor. i made this clear to them. i paid $128 to them
right away but i stopped another payment at the end of the
week through my bank and destroyed the credit/debit numbers.
they persisted to call me the next day to verify my appointment with the photographer. at this point i have not used any services. the problem is they can’not take no for an answer. they will do what they can to delay the 3 days until its too late and the finance company has already paid g/e. i found out if g/e makes initial contact in nevada.
you have 3 business days to option out of the contract. i have not heard back from the director since. they will continue to tell you this is a legal binding contract. check
your state laws. file with the bbb, consumer affairs and state attorney generals office. i believe this to be unfair
business practice. its kinda like buying an automobile, once
they get you in their office and try to wear you down. when making such an investment do the research that others have experienced. and sleep on it. my heart goes out to all of you who have lost money, time and effort. even if they try
to report to the credit bureau. i can sleep at night knowing that i did the right thing with a little help from a

Pam says:

Great Expectations

Yes here is another victim in the SCAM that is called Great Expectations. It will be a Great LOSS OF YOUR MONEY!!! I have had one date for coffee guess I should consider myself lucky. But the date wasn’t worth the PRICE I paid for it which was $1,200 the agent said that it was the students price and that if I told anyone that they would take my membership away . And another thing was that I was never given a contract. I’ve asked for one , but I haven’t received one. And that was without the photo package which was almost $300.00 I have choose over 20 men in the past 5 months only to be refused by some, but then not even getting a refusal from the other Gents. I really felt pressurred into signing up. Now I learned the the Center in Chicago, ILL. has moved to Schaumburg, ILL. and I wasn’t even told about that. I also ask the young lady that if I didn’t want the internet access how do I look at the profiles. She told me that I would have to go out to Schaumburg Ill. That’s just way to far for me to travel, and internet accesss is 19.95 per month taken out of my credit card. Well as the old saying goes, Live and Learn. Gee was this an Expensive lesson.

Vengence will come says:

Re: re: Great Expectations

During the supposed “background check” that they mysteriously need a valid credit card for, your available balance is looked up, and that becomes the fee they want to get from you.

My available balance was much higher as I had no debt. and great credit. Thus they tried to make me squeal like a pig!

Tdog says:

GE dating sucks!

I want a refund. No girls have followed thru on supposed dates. Highly disapointed and they know it. They do not return calls and I am in a contract I cant get out of for 3 more years damn i feel stupid. Live and learn i guess. Someone please let me know if i can get out of it or what to do. I have been repeatedly asking to end my contract no dice. I am spending money be rejected. I know its my fault but there aought to be something we can do.

Tdog says:

GE dating sucks!

I want a refund. No girls have followed thru on supposed dates. Highly disapointed and they know it. They do not return calls and I am in a contract I cant get out of for 3 more years damn i feel stupid. Live and learn i guess. Someone please let me know if i can get out of it or what to do. I have been repeatedly asking to end my contract no dice. I am spending money be rejected. I know its my fault but there aought to be something we can do.

beadArtist says:

yeah, it must be a scam

I read this site BEFORE I signed up, and even tried to cancel within that 3-day business-law right to reverse a decision on any purchase/service/agreement.
They are masters at manipulation and playing on people’s emotions;
I have done the photo and video session, with a woman who was barely 25 yrs old, and had lousy video interview skills.
My photos came out very decent, because I am attractive to start with. but I had to Pay additional for the photos I wanted to keep. AFTER paying $1200 for the damn 13-mo service.
A service which HAS NOT delivered what it promised. The men available in my age (all 6 to 8 of em) are nerdy and I am not surprised they have to pay for a dating service.
Are there any men out there who actually look at their email everyday, and are motivated to meet someone?
I have responded to 4 men by saying I would “like to meet this person”
Over 50% of the matches that come up are men from OUT OF TOWN, who Visit Your City.
Oh that’s nice. If I wanted a long-term relationship, I would not have paid for it Could have got it for free from the numerous free meetup sites.

the other 35-40% are ALREADY IN A RELATIONSHIPS AND ARE INACTIVE. Unavailable. Zilch.

GE misrepresents their service. They showed me pictures of guys at my appt who probably aren’t even in the service.

Of course, when you walk into an appt, you are vulnerable to begin with, since you are lonely and have admitted to yourself that you want to do something about it. Then you believe that their screening process will yield other people who also want to meet up with QUALITY and Seriousness about meeting someone.
Not True. There ain’t nobody home. The LIghts are on but nobody is home.

disappointed GE customer says:

re: yeah, it must be a scam

I agree with just about everything you said, though I’m compelled to counter that from the male point of view there are also women on the site about whom, it does not surprise me, would have to pay for a dating service. GE is one great hype machine, from the moment their presentation begins. I cannot deny that I too was easy fodder for them. Heck, being told what a great member I’d make, by an very attractive 20-something woman? I especially loved how they hit me with the first price. Were they nuts, I thought? Of course that was just the opening bid, but high enough so that I actually felt I had won a victory by bargaining them down to a still outlandish price. And then the photos! Why in the world did I buy that package? They push every button, but then the results come in–hey, what happened? They’ve got lawyers to protect them from their multitude of disappointed customers, and unfortunately the best we can do is write of our own experience. I’ve got one year left on a three-year contract and it’s all gone in what, after the first month, has been a terribly predictable and depressing progression. Just wait, of course, because you never know when the right person will come along! Can’t argue against that, but one can argue against spending $3-5,000 for this Potemkin Village of a dating service.

MARK says:



disappointed GE customer says:

waste of money

Alan Sherman’s parody of “A Taste of Honey” rings so true: “A waste of money…five-thousand bucks down the drain.”

Nearing the end of my GE membership, I’ll survive the financial loss, by no means an insignificant one, but what more can one say of great expectations never even remotely approached? A cynical operation for sure, where the office I joined, in a major metropolitan area, simply shut down and now has its calls transferred to a sister office in a city more than five-hundred miles away. As one might expect, there have been no new members in those months since the closing. And a refund of at least some of the money we were snookered into spending? In the words of Aerosmith, “dream on.” It will not surprise me, nor disappoint me–in fact it would be richly deserved–if the entire organization comes crumbling down in the next year or two. To anyone considering joining, two words from a supposedly dead language, entirely relevant to the situation: CAVEAT EMPTOR.

Anonymous Coward says:


I would like to say that no matter what you do in life you are selling yourself. Great Expectations is a way where people can sell their personality as well as their looks. And every single person knows out here that finding the right one is a hard thing to do these days. It doesn’t matter if they stop at the grocery store or into a bar… you techniqually don’t know who you are dealing with. Dating services are a wonderful why of meeting other single people.

People should know by now that nothing is guaranteed in life. Anything abstract, (hence the word abstract not a concrete object) such as love is not definite. The only thing is that in order to be successful in anyway in life you have to search for it. What other way would you find the one and only? I once heard that the definition of insanity is to do that same thing over and over again trying to find a different result. People need to stop complaining about what they have done and find different ways of finding different results.

Yes the price that you quoted in this article is crazy, but the people understand ahead of time (or you would surely hope so) that nobody can promise something like marriage, but they can only give them a way to find it.

Riss says:

true, the upfront cost may seem high..but they offer a 6 yr plan. the avg plan being around 6,000. 6 years on an avg dating site would cost you over 2,00…that’s 2,000.00 of unverified people, not knowing if who you are talking to and/or meeting is legitimate..with this service, you pay more, but you get more..background checks, etc…….they have yr safety in mind and offer personal matchm,aking and meet and greet, member only services. no, I do not work for them..just did some all of you who are crying over money spent that YOU AGREED, u are just mad b/c no one wants you or u slept with every potential mate..

Still PO'd says:

Big Ripoff

Got scammed by these con artists many years back and I’m upset knowing they are still getting away with scamming others. I met my wife within a year after signing up for their service (thanks to me, not them). I visited and sent out 4-7 invites every week for several months. I didn’t receive a single acceptance and only recieved one request several months after I signed up for the service. By then it was too late, I had already met the person that is my wife now. It was all a big waste of time and money for me. They didn’t offer the online alternative at the time either so I had to drive out to the location and waste time looking at videos and make selections that never got me anywhere.

I was attending a gym regularly at the time and was probably 7 out of 10 in looks. The only ones I could see this working out for are probably in the 9 & 10 in looks category.

Frank says:

GE in Irvine, CA was a BIG RIPOFF 25 years ago!!

GE in Irvine, CA was a BIG RIP-OFF 25 years ago!!

I say 25 years ago, as that is about the approx year that I tried them out myself. I could be wrong here, but I’m saying that the GE in Irvine, CA was one of the very first – if not THEE first – GE startup in CA or anywhere else for that matter. It was somewhere in the late 80’s that I tried them out – I remember that much. How long they were there in Irvine, CA I have no clue, as I actually thought they went belly up bankrupt many years ago much to my surprise after just reading a few complaint articles doing a Google search.

I believe I got one of their postal mailers is how I was first contacted. After checking them out in person one day all sorts of RED FLAGS went up at first – as they were very high pressure right from the start! I opt’d for the intro TRIAL version right from the very start – esp after hearing what they wanted for a FULL ON membership fee, as I wasn’t buying into any of their HYPE sale pitches that’s for sure!! It was like buying a new car where they jerk you around for hours on end until you make a bad decision and sign your life away on the bottom line. Not so with me – as I wasn’t raised a fool like some people I know! I also worked for the BBB at that same time, so I knew what was and wasn’t “on the level” as it were.

Long and short of it was that I only stayed there a month at the very least, as some of the gals they had in their database I actually already knew – as some even worked for the same hospital that I once worked at, and knowing them like I did from work I could see why they were at GE looking for another guy (another sucker as it were), as that was the type gals that they were. Nothing but Players and *ock Teasers is all they were – “wine me and dine me” types for a better lack of words!! Nothing of g/f – wife – soulmate – LTR value as far as I was concerned. Those other gals that GE had in their database were a lot of bogus FAKES – as you could tell they were just “plants” by GE to start with just to get people (men in my case) to sign up so they could just pad their profile numbers is all. It was so obvious to me after just a few weeks. After all – my Dad didn’t raise no fool to start with!

If memory has me right GE tried to overbill my Visa card when I severed my Trial acct with them, and by working for the BBB like I did all I had to do was bring that to their attention and it was a DONE DEAL – as in goodbye GE for good.

I actually auditioned for that TV dating show The Love Connection around the same time I dropped GE, and after seeing how phony baloney that show was set up and run I all but went back to finding dates at the local grocery stores where I had much better luck finding the type gal(s) that I wanted to bring home for dinner! In fact those bastards never called me back for a 2nd audition until some 10 years later when I was in a solid committed LTR and their TV show ratings were all but down the drain anyway at that point. I didn’t even return their calls, as they were a complete joke at that point! Much like GE was after only a month there! Hope you guys read or listened to that part about “grocery stores”, as it still works great for me to this very day. I’ve met and LTR dated some terrific gals that I met while food shopping over the years, and as the old saying goes – “what you see is what you get” – no bullshit or FAKE anything going on there!

Btw – best nights to late evening shop are Wednesday’s and Friday’s just so you know.

Good luck out there, and be Internet savvy and don’t get burnt by rip-off scams – GE or otherwise!

JSYN – the best online dating site I found to date is Connecting Singles dot com, and NO I don’t work for them either. I just found them doing a good Google search one day! Happy hunting!

Anonymous Coward says:


of course that would be your first thought you ahole. The women were ripped off because it’s a scam. I myself am an attractive, educated professional woman who paid thousands for men that didn’t exist because they showed me fake photos etc. I went on ONE date. They submitted my profile with typos even though I did not include typos…I am a freaking teacher. They lied and promised marriage, saying they were Christian etc. Then they closed shop and there went my money with them. I hope karma pays all of those liars and scammers a visit. The consumer office of CA did nothing to help me because they are “franchises”.

angelcastillo says:

Great Expectations - Expectations

laurie becace ful l was ripped off by this company and cott dale their are a lots crooks and the government don’t help in Arizona l have experience with this state scam of $4,000 and timeshare o f $60.000 oyster bay beach resort right there in Scottdale,Az.any help you could find ,l gladly appreciated.

angelcastillo says:

GE in Dallas, TX

l was scam by schaum and her husband john merrigi in Schaumburg lll of $4.000and never received any service not even plone call l try every legal way to get justice but no one has help me city,state and federal agencies l had a lawyer for the past few years and also refused to help his name is Jeffrey sobek 120 w.madison 60602 Chicago lll.

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