Gullible Forwarders Own Mobile Phones Too

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What is it about a slightly different medium that makes people lose all sense of reason? For years, one of the most popular urban legends/hoaxes is that Bill Gates, AOL or Disney will give you prizes or money for forwarding on an email. It seems that some random person thought it would be funny to start a similar hoax via text messaging… and it worked. Vodafone is apparently now spending some time trying to track down the hoaxer who sent out text messages promising free air time on Vodafone to anyone who forwarded the message to 13 other users. However, where the guy got stupid was that he included a (non-emergency) police phone number to call for anyone who didn’t get the credit. The police, as you might imagine, are pissed off at all of the phone calls they received, which could open the hoaxer up to criminal charges for interfering with the police.

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Comments on “Gullible Forwarders Own Mobile Phones Too”

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SV says:

No Subject Given

In my country the mobile operators actually gave 20 cars to people who sent SMS at a specified promo number (lottery). So don’t be amazed someone believes this. It makes more sense than e-mails – since after all Vodaphone profits from the messages.

Of course if you’re smart you’d not buy into this at all, never mind if hoax or not.

Teleflip (user link) says:

Stupid cell phone trick of the day

Stupid cell phone trick of the day:
With – A service that lets you send email to and have it delivered to the phone, regardless of carrier… anyone can send [costly?] email messages to anyone they want to send to, with whatever advertisement they want include – the sender doesn’t need to know the recipient’s carrier, he only needs a cell phone number.

Now I wonder how many people are going to test this, using their own telephone number… ie;

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