Hacker Who Cisco Made Famous Lands Job At Chief Rival

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Remember over the summer when Cisco freaked out over a security researcher who revealed a pretty major vulnerability in the software that runs a lot of Cisco equipment? We already discussed how the move backfired badly by only calling much more attention to the vulnerability — but also to the researcher, Michael Lynn himself. He lost his job at a security firm over the flap, but it appears the notoriety probably helped him find another one without too much trouble. He’s now working at Juniper, a major Cisco rival. Does Cisco get the referral bonus for recommending him? Update: Oh and, by the way, it was only this week that Cisco finally patched the real problem Lynn was discussing. Update: Updated to make clear that Lynn worked at a security firm, since some felt I implied he worked at Cisco.

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Comments on “Hacker Who Cisco Made Famous Lands Job At Chief Rival”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: get it right

Hmm. Okay. I’ve updated the post to reflect that, but I still think it was pretty clear from the beginning. We never said he worked at Cisco. We’ve written about his story enough that we clearly knew he didn’t work at Cisco. So, still not sure why people are accusing us of saying he did work there.

Dan says:

Re: Re: Re:2 get it right

So somebody skimmed the article, misinterpreted it and in their haste to post first and feel smart didn’t check the facts. Sure the first line could have been a bit clearer (I had to reread it myself) but now any good commentary about the article relating to the fact that Cisco should be red-faced about now is drowned out by something trivial (I have now added myself to that list of detractors).
Kudos to Mike for trying to appease the ‘masses’ without backing down or being an ass about it.

Trismegistus says:

Re: Re: Re: get it right

You are accusing a person of “crappy diction”, and you misuse the word “inferred”. Well I guess that constitutes “crappy” grammar” Look the work up in a dictionary, and try the word “implied” next time. Nothing worse than correcting someone, and coming off as a buffoon.

OldMessage says:

Re: Re: Re:2 get it right

Hehehehe, sorry guys but you are out of your fucking mind. Instead of saying something like “Cool information”, you are hageling on wording if or if not the sentences could lead to an impression that the guy was working for CISCO. Who give’s a flying pigs fart about it. He is not working for them (his old company, smile) anymore and if CISCO missed out on the opportunity to hire him, bad for them, but they will survice.
Joe in Germany.

arcfixer says:


Read the article. It says Cisco was upset with a security researcher, and goes on to say the researcher lost his job at a security firm.
The Captian (did you mean Captain?)-While you may have erroneously inferred the researcher worked for Cisco, Mike never implied same.-Have your proofreader explain the proper usage of infer and imply.;)

Anonymous Coward says:


“Read the article. It says Cisco was upset with a security researcher, and goes on to say the researcher lost his job at a security firm.”
Actually, they say a securty researcher.. not necessarily their security researcher. Maybe you all should take a minute or two to comprehend the article, and get your facts straight.

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