The Secret Behind Google's Power (Bill)

from the not-that-power... dept

And, by “power,” we mean electrical power. Turns out that those thousands upon thousands of machines Google has running eat up a ton of electrical power, and one of the company’s challenges has been to make their use of electricity more efficient. Apparently, turning the machines off at night isn’t an option…

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Comments on “The Secret Behind Google's Power (Bill)”

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Haggie says:

Google Electricity

Google is working on an Internet based, web-enabled cold fusion application that will power all of their internal electricity needs. Excess capacity will be delivered to consumers in exchange for viewing targeted advertisements based upon power consumption (ie: use your radio, you’ll get music ads; use an electric weed trimmer, get an ad for Better Homes & Gardens, use an electric suction pump, get an ad for penis enlargement….)

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