Note To College Kids: Big Brother's On Facebook, Too

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Employers and prospective daters have been using Google as a poor man’s background check, but Facebook is the new tool of choice for colleges and universities trying to crack down on student misbehavior. Apparently, college students drink alcohol and get up to all sorts of other things their schools don’t approve of, and some schools now feel it’s a good use of their time to surf around Facebook and find content about kids breaking the rules. A student at a Boston school got expelled for a Facebook post criticizing a campus police office, while a California university says it’s got the right to discipline kids for things they post online. It’s probably not very smart for students to put up details of their exploits online, whether it’s on Facebook, a photo site, or in blogs, given how easy it is for the material to still be found years later. But really, do the administrations of these schools have nothing better to do than troll around Facebook looking for rule-breakers?

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Comments on “Note To College Kids: Big Brother's On Facebook, Too”

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Rob says:

facebook checking

As a student at the Rochester Institute of Technology, I can say from first hand experience that yes, the administration of the school has nothing better to do then look around facebook for violations. I have heard of numerous instances where facebook pictures, group memberships, and posts have been used against students, to punish them.
I’m not sure if its just RIT or other schools also, but I am now in my 5th and final year here and the administration is more than ever treating the student body unfairly. It’s almost like we have no constitutional rights being a student, often times we are guilty until proven innocent. The punishments have gotten extremely harsh and unfair, almost impossible to live by. I understand that we are on the schools private property and therefore they are the law of the land, but its getting a little out of hand.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: facebook checking

It happened at Penn State too.

PSU Rushed the field after beatting Ohio State. And it took Riot police to get us off.

Cops were IDing students duewho went on the field. viva face book. Going off possible groups such as “I was at the OSU game” and “I rushed the field at the OSU game”

Perfectly legal. But there is a wonder why the cops are hated so much here.

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