MPAA Sues Grandfather For $600k — While Admitting He Did Nothing Wrong

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Ever since the entertainment industry started on their brain-dead, own-foot-shooting campaign of suing their own customers, we’ve wondered how they can get away with suing people who obviously didn’t do the crime, such as parents or grandparents. While the industry would have you believe that it’s whoever owns the connection that’s guilty, the law would certainly suggest otherwise. Earlier this year, we noted that some parents are finally fighting back and the courts seem sympathetic. However, the entertainment industry still hasn’t gotten the message. They also still don’t recognize the terrible PR they get with headlines about how they’re suing a grandfather who doesn’t even like movies for $600,000. In this case, the grandson was responsible — even if he downloaded movies that he already owned on DVD (3 out of the 4). Also, the article, once again, claims that he’s being sued for downloading — but every lawsuit we’ve seen hasn’t been for downloading, but for uploading by offering to share it — something that some courts are even questioning as well by noting that just leaving a file open to be shared is not the same thing as actively distributing it. So, to review, we have someone who wasn’t involved at all being sued by the movie industry for something he didn’t do for possibly distributing some movies, when the evidence doesn’t even support whether or not he really did share the movies.

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Comments on “MPAA Sues Grandfather For $600k — While Admitting He Did Nothing Wrong”

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Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

Perfect Opportunity

Finally, a perfect opportunity for someone to fight back, refuse to pay the “fine” and take it to court.

In this case I’m sure the MPAA will immediately back down as they have an extremely weak case that they could very easily lose *and* set precedent for future “lawsuits”.

Let’s hope someone takes this one on…

Wayne says:

Sued for offering for download

The story mentions that the files were offered for download. I suspect than P2P programs automatcially “share” files that are downloaded and that the user has to do something not to share the files. In sounds like the kid didn’t really know what he was doing so I suspect he didn’t even know he was sharing the files after he downloaded them.
This imporves their case against the kid, but they still have the problem that the person they are suing didn’t do anything.

jg says:

Re: Re: Re: This stupid

Well, no – the gun industry is trying to stop lawsuits attempting to hold the gun manufacturer liable for crimes committed with guns they manufactured. The referenced article is quite clear on that.

The analogy here: should the MPAA be able to sue Dell when a computer bought from them is used to make illegal downloads?

I’m not sure whether the poster originally raising the gun analogy was being ironic or not, but states such as California have laws making adults responsible for crimes committed with their guns by minors, if the adult was negligent in their storage precautions.

QuantumG (user link) says:

It's about liability..

Claiming that he isn’t liable because his grandson was the one doing it, not him, is about as rediculous as saying that he’s not liable if someone cracks their head open on faulty steps in his house because his grandson lives there, not him. He owns the line, he’s liable for any copyright infringement performed from that line. And no, it doesn’t matter if it wasn’t his son but some hackers who broke into his computer; if a burglar breaks into your house and puts his back out trying to lug away your safe, you’re still liable. Much like copyright law in general, personal liability is insane and should be abolished.

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