AT&T Says WiFi Not Secure Enough For Businesses

When WiFi first came around, it was definitely true that security was an issue that was mostly ignored (or misunderstood). However, in the last few years, many more people have come to understand the risks associated with wireless networks, and (more importantly) solutions have started to come out. While none of them are absolutely secure, nor will they ever be, the careful operation can be pretty confident that their wireless network is protected. However, AT&T disagrees. The product director for their “managed security services” (bias? nah….) is saying that the technology is still too vulnerable for enterprises to use. As with anything, though, it’s a risk/benefit tradeoff, and I think most companies probably find that the risks are low enough, and the benefits are high enough that they’re willing to go with what’s available now — and in most cases, they won’t get burned for it.

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