Another Reason To Dislike RFID

from the no-passport-for-you dept

RFID continues to come under increased scrutiny as it gets used more frequently, not just in commercial applications but also in things like passports. Privacy concerns are nothing new, but there’s another reason to shun RFID, according to a couple of authors: it could evolve into the “mark of the beast” referred to in the book of Revelation. There’s some wiggle room, though. The Bible specifies the mark will appear on people’s right hands or foreheads, and an RFID vendor says both of those spots are impractical for human implants. Then there’s also that part about how the mark is 666, and the authors are “not sure how the 666 part fits in.”

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Comments on “Another Reason To Dislike RFID”

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Pete Austin says:

That Spooky Link (Working)

That Satanic vision of RFID’s potential is confined to a highlighted box toward the end of the 270-page “Spychips,” which was published by Thomas Nelson. But Ms. Albrecht has previously made it clear in interviews, videotapes and DVD’s sold through religious Web sites like that the Biblical warning that “no man might buy or sell, save that he had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of the beast” looms large in her attack on RFID.

HateMissuses of Technology says:

Re: RFID *is* the mark of the beast, and I have pr

Grow up, this is just parlor tricks on math. You are using one method of making numbers, manipulating it to make what you want it to be. This is no different that statements like “4 out of 5 dentists who recommend chewing gum recommend dentine”. You have to fine 5 dentists who recommend chewing gum. Here you took ASCII code for letters in binary form from an acronym of three words, add in a multiplier that only you know why it is that, and say this is PROOF???????

I hate people who try this crap and then want others to be paranoid like they are.

BTW, if you are a person who is trying to state you know when the end of times is, you are known by bible terms as a “false profit” as Jesus claims in Mark that only the Father knows. Mark 13:32

CloakedMirror says:

Re: Re: RFID *is* the mark of the beast, and I have pr

Just have to laugh at responses like this. First, I am sure that the enemy (i.e. Satan, the Devil, insert your favorite name here) is not going to put his name or mark out there for everyone to see what he is. Attempting to discern who are his agents is not wrong, and unfortunately is something that too many people are willing to ignore.
Second, if you are going to quote Bible verses, learn to use the proper words. I am sure that Jesus didn’t talk about “false profits”. I’m not sure how a profit can be false, unless it was gained through some kind of fraud.
The term I am confident you meant to use is “prophet”, and it means one that speaks forth a truth. It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with telling the future, but does have everything to do with speaking (or attempting to speak) a truth, or revelation, as the speaker received it from God.
So, when Jesus talks about “false prophets”, what He is refering to are those that will proclaim to have knowledge of a truth that runs counter to the truth as it comes from God.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Easier kill

It will be quite enjoyable to scan your household when I want to determine which houses to break into and rob.

I’ll ignore the geeks with their Diablo & D &D shit and go straight for the homes that have imbedded chips in their plasma screen TV’s, high end computers , etc …

Fear not, I am thankful you sheep are laughing @ RFID.

Bert says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Easier kill

And just how are you supposed to be able to scan these items from outside the house when companies trying to use the kind of tags that will go on items (someday in the future) are having trouble getting them to work reliably from about 18 inches away?

Surely, your RF reader has God-like qualities! (Can I buy them from you? I could sell thousands to companies trying to get this stuff to work!)

James (user link) says:

Mark, Beast. and other interesting things

If you look at what the book and bible says, it actually says that the number is NOT the mark. It is the number of a man, a single man. It also says it is the number ‘of his name’ or in modern terms the number of his title.

The mark thing … about hand or forehead is not a physical mark but rather symbols for someone believing, the mark in the forehead, or enforcement, the right hand.

Amazing what you get when you read …

My $.02

jabbrass says:

The mark of the beast: 666

The mark of the beast in Revelation simply means people will accept a false belief with their minds (foreheads), they will make a deliberate decision in their head to follow a certain false doctrine. In their hands means they will then do something about it, or act on their decision. They will go and do something commanded by the false teaching. Obviously this comes nothing close to what RFID’s are. RFID’s have nothing to do with accepting a false doctrine.
And 666 simply means a false trinity — the antichrist — will establish the false doctrine followed by all, that then recieve the mark on their foreheads and hands by believing and then following the false christ’s teachings.

Emily Helton says:

not even original

They are certainly not the first with this thought. As the literal “interpreters” of the Bible tend to fear technology and innovation, plenty of people try to cast anything they don’t understand as evil and in league with satan. Also, Lyda Morehouse has a really nicely done series of scifi books, where this is one of the concepts.

Max says:

Mark of the Beast & the End Times

Heh, basically, the Mark of the Beast is only one of the things mentioned in the Bible about the End Times. I think it is very interesting how so many people get side-tracked by minutiae. Yes, I know that the Mark of the Beast seems like important stuff, but there is something more important for Christians to be working on: Matthew 24:14!

Pete Smith says:

I can't believe it

This is heathenry! The end of the world must be near, the AntiChrist is upon us. RFID chips are the Mark of the Beast, I found a company – that implants 6 of the devil marks into people to identify their limbs in the event of dismemberment. There is no use for RFID chips or readers in HELL where their souls will eternally be roasted by fire!!!! Contact them, as I am urging my church to do, and tell them there is still a chance for redemption through the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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