Has The US Passed Europe In Wireless Technology?

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For years, the common wisdom had been that Asia (well, Japan and Korea) got all the cool wireless technologies first, followed by Europe — and the US was a laggard. However, Walt Mossberg is taking exception to that, pointing out that the US appears to be leapfrogging Europe in wireless networks, now that we have a broadband EVDO network from Verizon Wireless, along with expected launches in the next few weeks from Sprint (also EVDO) and Cingular (UMTS/HSDPA) — all of which will be much faster than the various 3G networks in Europe. Of course, some of the mobile operators in Europe are also moving to HSDPA, so it shouldn’t take all that long to catch up — and, by now, we should realize that being first isn’t nearly as important as getting the whole thing (technology, services, business model) right.

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Comments on “Has The US Passed Europe In Wireless Technology?”

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aapala says:

Re: Re: Verizons service is decent...

Verizon is hardly the one who needs to improve their service. It’s interesting… They had the largest user base prior to the ATTW Cingular merger, and ever since then, Verizons base has been steadily creeping up on Cingular’s. There is no national carrier with a better network than V. They definately have their pitfalls, but I have yet to find a more fitting alternative.

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