Comcast Decides Users Need To Stop Bugging Hotmail Users

from the leave-them-alone dept

There have been plenty of stories about email providers blocking email from certain sources — but what about email providers blocking email sent to particular services? Apparently, that’s what Comcast did for a few days last week, blocking users from sending emails to Hotmail accounts. The article suggests that this was Comcast’s fault, not Microsoft’s, but doesn’t explain why or how Comcast would do such a thing. Just a reminder about how unreliable email still is these days.

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Comments on “Comcast Decides Users Need To Stop Bugging Hotmail Users”

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Tweek says:

No Subject Given

“[This] was affecting mail delivery to other domains,” Jason wrote. “Since MSN/Hotmail was the only domain that was not accepting email from Comcast, there was little we could do but continue reaching out to MSN/Hotmail (which we did) to investigate this issue and have it resolved quickly.”

Blocking a non-functioning route as a preventative measure to prevent service interruptions for other customers is not the same as “Comcast Decides Users Need To Stop Bugging Hotmail Users” which implies some sort of malicious intent.

DGK12 says:

Re: Re: No Subject Given

I wonder if W3C will accept your suggestion and submit it with the next review. Perhaps they will even write the new schema too. 🙂

BTW: I’ve got Comcast service, and they just suck. I’ve been having a lot of trouble with specific domains; It just seems that they are having a lot of trouble keeping people connected.

Larry says:

Hotmail is rejecting Comcast email again

Seems like the same problem is happening again. Emails sent from to get bounced with “Permit denied”.
I emailed Comcast tech support about it and was told by Ian:
“The situation is being looked into, and is an issue on Microsofts end, so Comcast and our customers cannot do anything but wait while they fix it.”
When I emailed back saying this problem had happened before and why is it a problem again, I was told:
“This is the latest information we have received from Microsoft. There is a problem on Microsoft’s Mail Server caused by a virus. Microsoft is actively working to correct the issue. Currently we do not have an estimated time of repair from Microsoft.”
I emailed back questioning the “Virus” issue since I can send email all day long to addresses from a non address, but haven’t yet received a comment.

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