Carriers Won't Block Your VoIP, They'll Just Screw It Up

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Some company gained themselves a decent amount of press last month by announcing they’d built an appliance for carriers and ISPs to block Skype, VoIP and other kinds of traffic on their networks. The concept really isn’t new: ISPs are no strangers to things like port blocking, and their efforts to get people to use their services instead of competitors’ (via whatever means necessary) for things like VoIP are intensifying. It’s little surprise, then, that VoIP-blocking is a growing industry, and some other company’s got a new product out that doesn’t go as far as outright blocking voice traffic, it just messes with it enough to degrade call quality. It’s an interesting take on network neutrality: we won’t block your service, that would be wrong — but we will make it unusable. This really isn’t unprecedented. After all, at least one ISP has told VoIP providers they must get “certified” or else their service to any of the ISP’s customers might get “inadvertently” cut off.

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Comments on “Carriers Won't Block Your VoIP, They'll Just Screw It Up”

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Tyler McDowall (user link) says:

Re: Re: 911 and FCC

Exactly, providers can’t stop a system which is used to call 911 because they didn’t host the service which uses there services.

The company is also required to state that in their Terms of Service, because people are renting connectivity, speed and bandwidth. If its not stated they are breaking their own agreement.

Linsys says:

Re: Re: Re: 911 and FCC

“Exactly, providers can’t stop a system which is used to call 911 because they didn’t host the service which uses there services.”

Yes they can… ISPs DO NOT HAVE TO FOLLOW FCC RULES… Telecommunication companies DO have to follow FCC rules, which is why they where fined when they where blocking VoiP traffic on their network.

The FCC needs to step in and put an end to ISPs blocking ports and VoIP services.

For instance comcast blocks outbound port 25 over their network to stop spamers from sending spam off their network.

Companies like this could just as easily block what ever other ports they wanted to…

Zealot says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Who Does It

From what I’ve heard, most of the companies that do this are not in America, i.e., not under FCC regulation. India’s state-run telecommunications company, for example, uses it to block VoIP calls so they can force their country’s residents to pay outlandish taxes on the government service.

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