Oh, Did We Forget To Mention Forgery, Fraud, Counterfeiting And Blackmail?

from the whoops dept

This probably isn’t the news that the folks behind the Gizmondo device were hoping for on the day of their US launch. Beyond the awful reviews and generally “cool response” to the expensive device that launched late and has very little compelling to offer, we had already discussed the somewhat questionable compensation packages for executives at the company — often involving luxury cars and million dollar salaries for a firm that hadn’t really done much. So, on a day when about the only positive press they can muster up is from their own press release claiming an “enthusiastic response,” without any proof to back that up, it turns out that a Swedish newspaper has uncovered that the exec staff behind the Gizmondo has a variety of convictions for “forgery, fraud, counterfeiting, and blackmail.” If only they’d turned that part into a game. Given recent gaming trends, it might have made the device a bit more attractive to potential buyers.

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