Old Monopolistic Habits Die Hard At Microsoft

from the um...-whoops dept

For years, people accused Microsoft of having the DNA of a monopolist. This was part of the argument for breaking them up — as people said that Microsoft’s attitude towards competition wouldn’t let them act in any way other than as a monopoly. Recently, Microsoft has been working quite hard to change that image. However, it appears they still have a few kinks to work out. In some court documents revealed today, Microsoft told the maker of an unnamed portable digital music player that it couldn’t distribute anyone else’s software with the device if they wanted to distribute Microsoft’s media player. The company complained, and Microsoft quickly backed down — while also claiming that it was just a draft contract, and not one that had been thoroughly reviewed by the “no, we swear we’re not a monopolist” legal staff. Still, it seems like the Justice Department is making the right move in letting this slide — basically recognizing that it was a one-time mistake and that Microsoft quickly fixed the situation once it was brought to their attention.

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Comments on “Old Monopolistic Habits Die Hard At Microsoft”

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nonuser says:

Re: Re: Re: No Subject Given

The big monopolies in the digital world are:

  1. Microsoft’s control of desktop operating systems
  2. Baby Bells control over local telephone loops
  3. Cable TV companies’ control over local CATV service

Notice what makes them so formidable, is that it’s hard to imagine what a competitor can do to get around them. Even a smart, determined competitor with deep pockets can’t knock any of these guys off directly, the best they can do is try to start a new industry based on a different paradigm. Can you imagine someone knocking off Apple in portable music? Sure, they’ve only been out there for a few years. Netscape was the big wheel in browsers for a couple years. Sony was the biggest player in electronics only a few years ago. What they don’t have is an insurmountable position like the above three. And notice the above are all massive cash cows, so Microsoft and co. can afford to buy out lots of promising startups that are working on the paradigm shifts.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: No Subject Given

Monopolies are not illegal. When the courts finds one to be contrary to public good (as happened to MS), then that monopoly is declared illegal. Remedies are put in place. MS tried to violate one of the terms of the remedies handed down in its case.

Also, haven’t seen where Apple told any other company it had to sell its product and could not sell someone elses. SO how is this comparable? At all.

DGK12 says:

I have a subject!

And apple doesn’t allow distributors to distribute different OSs on a Mac. Apple doesn’t let you use a different distribution of music for its IPod. Apple won’t allow other MP3 players using iTunes… Apple has trade secrets and wont allow independent journalism. I’ve heard all this and more; Apple is a corporation too and plays by those rules, Cut Throat competition.

Game over

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