One MySpace Hacker Goes To Jail As Another Comes To Light

from the perhaps-they-need-to-fix-some-stuff-up dept

When Rupert Murdoch bought MySpace earlier this year, perhaps he didn’t realize some of the problems the site has. Last year we wrote about someone who was arrested for spamming MySpace users and then trying to extort money from the company. Well, it now comes out that the guy in question has been sentenced to nearly two years in prison for the little scam. However, the story also reveals some other facts that hadn’t come to light before. First, the company had hired him to come up with a system to spam all MySpace users. He then created 27,000 fake users, and proceeded to spam all of them (it’s not clear why). Following this, he asked the company to be hired permanently, or said he’d reveal to the world how to spam MySpace users. Something doesn’t seem right in this story — as it’s not at all clear why he created all those fake users or why the company hired him to spam in the first place. However, it appears that hacking MySpace isn’t all that difficult at all, as many, many people are talking about a recent hack by one MySpace user that quickly (and hilariously) made one user the most popular guy on MySpace in less than a day.

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Comments on “One MySpace Hacker Goes To Jail As Another Comes To Light”

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Spartacus says:

27,000 fake accounts

Just wanted to let you know something I noticed. He didn’t create 27,000 fake accounts and then spam those accounts. He created 27,000 fake accounts and spammed THROUGH those accounts. Myspace apparently only allows people to recieve email from other Myspace users, so he created those accounts as the SENDERS of the spam. That’s the reason for all those fake accounts (I think).

rabidearz says:


I’ve read an article or two on people criticizing MySpace’s flaws. Apparently, it’s not to hard to mess around with. Out of curiosity and because I know a person or two on there, I’ve checked it out and found a bunch of things about the service that bothered me. Some things are somewhat unnecessary and flashy, which I guess normal people love, some quite frankly are annoying, like musical ads with no mute control, and other things that bother me are UI bugs, like redundant buttons. It’d be nice if they would overhaul the service, not only to avoid mischeif makers, but for the sake of their non suspecting users as well. If anyone does create an account, I wouldn’t recommend using any information that could be used to your detriment (name, email, info…). Of course, this can be said about many services (even the internet experience).

amanda (user link) says:

someone hacked my myspace

this myspace URL –

has been hacked and its mine

and the person who hacked it left messages to all of my friends i had on myspace and said “my friend is sick, i need 500 dollars by the end of the week”

and im afraid i am going to get into trouble for something i did not do

and they also changed my password

is there a way i could get back on my old myspace???

Janay (user link) says:

Myspace bulletin

This is a bulletin that is being posted around myspace……interesting…..

~I’ve noticed this happening a lot lately


To my friends… please pass this on when you are done reading.

There has not been a power outage at MySpace Data Centers (they are avoiding telling us the truth)… but there may indeed be some database problems because MySpace is being Hacked hardcore.

I’ve been seeing a lot of bulletins supposedly posted by my friends that I KNOW my friends would not send.. and those of you who have had it happen to your account know what I mean.

IF YOU SEE a bulletin from a friend that says “Check out this link” or “Look at this video” anything like that… BE CAREFUL. Your friend might not have sent it. If you click on the link in the bulletin and a page comes up that looks like the MySpace login screen. Don’t assume that “Oh crap.. I guess I have to log in again”. Look up at the address in the address field at the top of your browser (you know.. where you type them in). If it does not say or then DO NOT put in your email login and password.

What is happening is this… a hacker has mirrored the MySpace login page by duplicating it in every detail… which means he has Web design skills. Then he/she hosts it on a fake server somewhere… maybe at home… or stealing space from one somewhere else. When you enter in your login and password again.. it is being saved straight to the hacker’s database or server. All they have to do is get a few real users (your friends) info… and then it starts a chain reaction.

Many of you use your same email and password info on other sites.. maybe even for online banking…. if you think you have accidentally logged into one of the fake MySpace pages… go change your password everywhere you use it… !

If you don’t believe me.. ask some of your friends that you thought were sending out stupid bulletins with links to porno sites or links to things that weren’t even there… and I’ll bet they will set you straight.

Also.. here is an article I found today after I got pissed that the site was down again. I Googled “MySpace” and “Hacked” and found this from 12 days ago.

Please repost this because what your friends don’t know may affect you.~

mary says:

yea my myspace got hacked too

my myspace account had got hacked about a month ago it was used with the keystroke virus that was how they got my password and went into my account and posted a bullitin sayin add my other account and delete the one i was using……i contacted myspace about it and never heard anything from them…….i’ve changed my password since then and ain’t had no problems out of it since

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