Has Being An Early Adopter Gone Mainstream?

from the not-really-early-anymore,-is-it? dept

Being an early adopter implies that you’re adopting new technologies before everyone else. However, there’s almost always someone behind you. Still, it seems a little weird for USA Today to claim that nearly 30% of American households are now considered “early adopters.” Once you hit 30% on something, it certainly sounds like it’s gone pretty mainstream. Perhaps they need to rethink what qualifies as early adoption at this point. Things like VoIP, mobile phones and WiFi no longer seem quite so cutting edge.

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Comments on “Has Being An Early Adopter Gone Mainstream?”

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Joe says:

WiFi still early adoption?

I agree,

Everyone and their mothers have WiFi now. Early adoption is liquid cooling your PC, SLi/Crossfire graphics, people who buy cell phones in their first week of introduction, hydrogen powered cars (not Hybrids anymore) etc.

Funny thing is, who the heck is USA today? The don’t know the first thing about early adoption. Maybe they need to hire someone from tech-dirt or Engadget to clue them in on REAL early adoption.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: WiFi still early adoption?

Seems that in many situations people do not really think of themselves as “early adopters” in the way that an early adopter is up against a risk that the technology will not work or perform well. Much of the “adopted” technology cited is really just some kind of extended version of an existing technology. People have been using cordless phones for years, is it that much of a stretch to see the same people using wireless ethernet? People have been used to the phone company providing (sortof) reliable services to them. I don’t see how it can be looked at as a “risky” early adoption. The connection is either going to work, or it isn’t going to work..

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