Steven Spielberg Wants To Direct Video Games

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While we’ve written in the past of EA’s struggles in Hollywood, as they discovered that the marriage of video games and movies wasn’t quite the slam dunk they expected, it appears they’re not giving up just yet. Not only that, but it sounds like they’re realizing that simply trying to make games associated with movies (or, worse, movies based on games) just isn’t a reasonable strategy. However, that doesn’t mean that Hollywood talent wouldn’t be useful for them. So, they’ve gone and signed up Steven Spielberg to help them create original video games. This isn’t about having him take movies and turn them into games, but to create brand new games from scratch. Perhaps even Spielberg is realizing that movies are losing out to video games for many kids.

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Comments on “Steven Spielberg Wants To Direct Video Games”

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dorpus says:

Re: Re: If he made a game

Really, so “A Holocaust szemei” (2000), “The Last Days” (1998), “The Lost Children” (1997), and “Survivors of the Holocaust” (1996) were not about the Holocaust? Or I won’t comment about his many other movies where holocaust imagery comes into play, like Twilight Zone, Indiana Jones, or War of the Worlds.

John says:

Speaking of Lucas

I always thought Grim Fandango would have made an excellent movie.

I don’t think the solution to bad video game concepts is to slap a big-time director on it. A bad video-game concept is a bad video-game concept. What the video-game industry needs is a label that isn’t afraid to take a few chances, maybe create a video game NOT targeted towards 13 year old boys.

jeremiah (user link) says:


In reality, Speilberg’s most likely just lending his name to a product. He may be involved at the “yeah, i like that/ no, i don’t like that” stage, but I doubt SS is going to be chillin’ out with the programmers.

He’s a film director, not a gamer. They are almost diametrically opposed spheres: one is completely passive, the other interactive.

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