This Law Sucks, So Please Ignore It

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The Finnish Parliament passed a law this week making it illegal to circumvent copy protection and DRM, bringing its rules in line with the EU Copyright Directive — a directive which a lot of people think conflicts with the private copying rights in most EU countries. So Finland’s answer was to pass the law, since the EU threatened to fine them if they didn’t, then ask content owners not to sue people. The content owners’ response was that they’ll keep on suing, thanks very much, because they presume that any copy people make will eventually end up on file-sharing networks. Apparently they really think that copy protection doesn’t do anything to frustrate users that just want to play content on the device of their choice, rather than just those devices the content provider has decided are okay. Did the Finnish government really think companies wouldn’t sue, particularly given the head of the country’s IFPI branch’s recent comments that playing CDs on a computer is a privilege?

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Comments on “This Law Sucks, So Please Ignore It”

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Chris says:

No Subject Given

Big business is trying to rule the world. And we the little people who are suppose to have a say in what law are being made. Get drowned out by companies with all of their money and legal teams. They throw their weight around with out a care. And then you have the politicians who get paid off from these companies just to get there laws passed.
Here?s a question. What?s next?
We will have to replace all of our DVD players, CD players, VCRs, MP3 players, and TVs {and I don?t mean pay- per view and on demand viewing}. So they can keep track of what we watch and listen to, and at the end of the month we will get a bill?
Yes, you purchase the CD/DVD. But with opening it, you now agree to pay royalties every time you play it. And if you don?t pay, they will sue you and throw you in the street. But, you didn?t read the 20 page agreement, because you have no idea what it means. And you skipped ?Legalese 101? in school.
It?s going to suck being ?Joe user? in the future if things don?t change.
Is there light at the end of the tunnel or a train?

Boo says:

Re: Re: Train coming? yes - thank god

Brief glimpse of what the future holds:
Artists, directors, producers, media content writers, authors etc all publish for free and cut the big business middlemen out… Lets face it, the middle men have no place in a world where artists can reach a worldwide one to one distribution network and make direct contact with consumers.
Here’s how they make their money:
Advertising revenue from download sites,
corporate sponsorship deals,
royalties from public broadcast networks,
live preformances,
appearance fees,
being paid by people to produce specific art works like was the case for all artists up to 100 years ago, etc.
The future is full of smaller, lower-budged productions, wider choice ranges. a de-scaling of the media. We are already seeing the tip of the iceberg with podcasts and blog news sites. Lots of free smaller independant stuff… like that starwars fan movie made on a tiny budget that everyone loves (i’d find the link but i couldnt be bothered). Movies without tom & nicole, pop without britney, rap without deathrow, games without EA! Ok maybe these things wont completely go away, but they will lose out to free art and become less important as the years go by.
The side effect is that real talent will rise again rather then consumers just accepting whatever the powerhouses push at us.
The train you speak of is coming… ALL ABOARD!!!

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