Yes, The Threat of SMS DOS Attacks Was Exaggerated

We reported last week about how a “new” threat to mobile networks had emerged — one so new that operators have had protection against it in place for years. Basically the idea was to send so many text messages at once that a mobile network would get bogged down — a crude, easily preventable attack. Textually now has a story with the head of a mobile messaging aggregator further explaining why the threat is bogus. Not the least of which, he says, is that sending 165 text messages per second (the critical amount cited in the original article) would cost approximately $4,000 per minute, and trying to use carriers’ email-to-SMS gateways would get around the charge, but would get blocked by spam filters — as has happened before. Sounds like the researchers behind this “threat” need to find another one, or go work for an anti-virus company, where their gift for FUD might be better appreciated.

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