Rule Number 2: When Caught Scamming, Don't Threaten To Kill The Police

from the just-saying.. dept

Last week we had the hacker who lied about his hacking after he was caught, and this week it’s the story of the scammer who simply taunted and threatened the police. In this case, a young scammer apparently tricked plenty of people into register .eu domains through him, despite not being a registrar and running the whole scam out of his father’s house. When caught, he proceeded to threaten to kill police, burn down some buildings and to unleash a zombie attack to take down the internet in the UK. While he didn’t follow through on any of these, he did take a lot of the money he scammed out of the bank and made it “disappear” somehow (which means he’s also now being charged with money laundering). The guy denies that he actually made the threats, and you have to admit that it comes across as a little odd in the transcript that he would state his full name: “I’m going to make sure you never answer another phone again as long as you live. My name is Peter Francis-Macrae. I am your worst nightmare.” Perhaps he really is that short-sighted, but it certainly has the feel of a movie villain who’s a little too proud of his crimes — and that’s what gets him caught.

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Comments on “Rule Number 2: When Caught Scamming, Don't Threaten To Kill The Police”

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Tim says:


Anyone with a little know-how of wireless networks with a wireless capable laptop and a linux live CD (take your pick of the hundreds out there) could crack any level of encryption there is out there on WiFi access points. This even includes the latest WPA with either username athentication and sercure certificate. And as for MAC filtering… spoofing a MAC address is one of the oldest tricks there is. The most secure computer there is is the one that is unplugged.

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