When Gloating That You're Not Wrong… It Helps To Not Be Wrong

from the seems-unlikely dept

Last week there was a big discussion over a story claiming that Microsoft was getting into the self-destructing DVD business. Since the writer of the article called the idea “revolutionary” despite a history of failures in the space, we should have been more suspicious — and, indeed, most of the evidence suggested such Microsoft powered DVDs don’t exist. However, the author of the original article has struck back, and in true “nyah nyah nyah” fashion has claimed that they do, in fact, exist, but his latest story is even more problematic than the original one. First off, he starts off by claiming that Ed Bott, who was initially skeptical enough of the article to call it out, has “an unlikely name.” It’s not clear how that helps to establish the original writer’s journalistic credibility. He then goes on to say that he has “bad news” for those who doubted the story because he now has a named source to confirm it. Unfortunately, the named source doesn’t say anything about self-destructing DVDs. It seems pretty clear he’s talking about Microsoft’s copy protection technology that content holders could use in all sorts of manners, including to make certain content playable only one time. That’s a far, far cry from Microsoft unleashing self-destructing DVDs on the world.

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