The Service Is Only Unlimited If You Can't Count To 5,000

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We had thought that service providers had figured this out already, but apparently not. After plenty of stories over the past few years with service providers offering “unlimited services” that were anything but unlimited, it had looked like providers were starting to be more honest and not promising something they couldn’t deliver. However, Om Malik is pointing out that Verizon’s VoIP offering, VoiceWing, promises unlimited service, and the fine print says that unlimited really means 5,000 minutes, or about 3 hours a day. There’s nothing wrong with having a limit, of course. The problem is advertising it as “unlimited” when there really is a limit. That’s false advertising, plain and simple.

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Comments on “The Service Is Only Unlimited If You Can't Count To 5,000”

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tad is the name says:

Re: Re: Re: Telecommunications Providers Are Liars

lying is lying, plain and simple, unlimited is only unlimited if it is enforced. stiff fines have a habit of making these mega companies do what they don’t want to do. write to your congressman and give that person an earfull. if enough of us do that , it will work.

Rikko says:

Read your contract!

Really, your contract you sign should say it all. I have “unlimited” internet access, but now my ISP has implemented a bandwidth cap monthly which is loosely enforced. Since my account was opened over 7 years ago, the contract is still “unlimited” access, and no addendums were ever sent – they just had new customers sign a new contract.
End result is that I get the odd email about “too much traffic”, but it remains them being concerned that we’re infested with spyware and not just normal usage.
Thus far I’ve always said “yeah sorry I left open too long” and they say no problem. The day they try any sort of limiting of services for a contract I didn’t sign, they are going to get an earful.

secolliyn says:

Re: Read your contract!

I did read my contract and it states that i get unlimited internet useage so thats what i use i got a call from my ISP the otehr day and they told me that out of all the customers they have(small town ISP local customers only) that i use about 54% of all the bandwidth monthly not i took that as hay hes asking me to slow down and i told him simply i only Take what you give me he laughed and i reminded him of our contract that it was unlimited strickly speaking and he said he knew that he just was wondering what i was useing the bandwidth for

Robert Taylor says:

Re: 5000 minutes doesn't equal unlimited

unlimited would mean between 40,320 and 44,640 minutes, depending on the month

That’s ASSUMING: 1 second incremental billing (the best plans have a minimum of 30 seconds with 6 second increments after that) and one person making one phone call at a time (no call waiting, no 3-way calling, no multiple extensions). Meaning…it’s worse than you think!

Kent Iler says:

Re: Re: 5000 minutes doesn't equal unlimited

Well, has someone actually been dinged for using more than the 5000 minutes? I use verizon voicewing, and with the unlimited, you don’t see how many minutes you really use, so I’m not sure how close to the 5000 I am coming.

I’d consider moving to Vonage, but they can’t port my number yet, so I have to stick with Verizon.


Anon says:

Just like some eBay auctions.

I see many hosting companies sell hosting on eBay starting at $1 bids for unlimitted bandwidth hosting.

There’s probably 100% truth to them as well. What you won’t find out until it’s too late is that you get the equivilant bandwidth rate of 1/4 of a 56K dial up modem, and you’ll be sharing the server with 10,000 other websites fighting for 1Ghz of processing power.

You get what you pay for. Unlimitted, regardless of the type of service, is bullshit, plain and simple. Not even oxygen is unlimitted. The day you find a truely unlimitted service is the day you find an honest AND popular politician.

anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

As long as the consumer stays ignorant. They can pretty much do as they please. Seems to me there are plenty of them these days getting away with far too much. Plenty of people complaining about it, but doing nothing. Which is the norm, when it comes to business. The tuff stuff no one tackles. But slip on a bananna peel and see how many lawyers come out of the wood work. Easy money.

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