Does Anyone Actually Still Click On Attachments From Spammers?

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Must be a slow week in the security world as the latest “oh no, time to worry!” announcement from a computer security company is taking a scam from a the 90s and reviving it as if it’s something new. They’re claiming that spammers are (gasp! no!) attaching things to spam messages and getting people to click on them. Apparently, this security company either doesn’t remember itself, or assumes that no one else remembers that this was the popular way that plenty of viruses were passed around a while back — leading to the constant barrage of reminders to never open attachments from people you don’t know (or even from people you do know, but weren’t expecting an attachment from). The only “difference” is that the attached file containing the “payload” is a music file — but even that’s not all that original. Of course, it appears the reporter doesn’t remember this either, so perhaps people have already forgotten and there’s a new generation of happy clickers getting infected. Where the warning gets really amusing is that they don’t seem to be that worried about spyware or trojans being embedded in the audio file… but that those audio files might contain “pornographic or offensive voice-recordings” that you wouldn’t want to play in front of friends, family or colleagues. Is this really a problem? Are people being inundated with pornographic voice recordings in spam messages that they’re clicking on and offending their family and friends?

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Comments on “Does Anyone Actually Still Click On Attachments From Spammers?”

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TJ says:

Re: Re: No Subject Given

Am glad it wasn’t just me feeling that way. When I read Techdirt recently I find myself skimming more and more to find the actual ‘news’ in the items. Most of the content is rants about companies ‘just not getting it’ and links to past items about the same to validate the point. It has become so bad recently that finding which link points to the new content is often not worth the effort. I still look the site over because it is sometimes the first place I read about an item, but it seems the editorial tone has become too close to ranting for a professional technical site.

Neosin says:

Re: No Subject Given

It seems that way. Hmm, maybe some new people are on the net and don’t know about the email stuff yet? Maybe not such a bad idea to retell the story a few times a year?
hah. I swear my screen just went blank and said… “Neo… ” DANG SPAMMERS!

“are all your “news” articles just bitching about shit you act like you know more about than the average propeller head?”

jonathon chase (user link) says:

spam clickers

For lack of better word, ignorant is usually what you call these people. Before anyone bashes me over the head, remember that ignorance is the lack of knowledge, and people nowadays love their computer and have no idea what they are doing with it. Its also that people are so obsesed with their desires that they don’t consider the old saying, “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” Hopefully one day people will realize why not to “take candy from strangers.”

Brian says:


Anyone who still does this is dumb, I mean come on, you have no idea what kinda crap are in those attachments, I mean I use Thunderbird and I just have it delete all mails by the spamers, there is also a way to see if it is a spam messege without even opening it, but I dont remember what it is becasue I never really have to do it anymore, lol, well just wanted to inform the world

Tim Rainier says:

Does Anyone Actually Still Click On Attachment

Yes. What’s worse, a lot of folks out there don’t even understand much about what the different file extensions mean.

It’s quite hideous.

The report and the company involved obviously had an issue with it. It doesn’t make much sense to criticize them for attempting to alert the public that even decade-old virus technologies are still effective.

Diego says:

A diff reality

Well, just to illustrate you all a bit on what happens in other countries (asuming u are all from english speaking countries):

Here (Peru, South America) it’s really easy to tell when an email has a virus. Since we all speak spanish and most viral attachments (or music or porn or whatever) come with names in english. If you see an attachment that has a name in english that you don’t relate to the person right away, then you can be sure it’s a virus. Then you write to that person and say “hey your PC is sending me viruses”.

Which is even more amazing is that some ppl (just a small minority) still get infected with those emails… COME ON!!! For some ppl, computers are like magic… reminds me of medieval ages…

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