Buyers Pissed Off With Copy Protection? Pretend It Was A Mistake

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It looks like the entertainment industry has a new strategy for dealing with situations where consumers get seriously pissed off about new copy protection technology: they pretend it was all a “mistake.” That’s what TiVo claimed when their copy protection wouldn’t let some customers save shows for an indefinite period of time. The latest was that about a week ago the band Switchfoot got a lot of publicity for having a member of the band put a post on the band’s own forum apologizing for the copy protection and giving instructions on how to get around it. Having bands tell people how to get around copy protection is nothing new, but this one got a lot of extra attention for some reason. So much attention, in fact, that the label is now claiming the copy protection was a “mistake” and they’re recalling the CD. Somehow, you get the feeling that if this didn’t get so much press attention, it wouldn’t have been a “mistake” at all. It’s still not clear why these labels are putting this technology on CDs. If the idea is to prevent file sharing, that clearly isn’t happening. All of these CDs still have songs on file sharing networks. The only purpose seems to be to make the actual buyers of the CD feel like criminals. Even more interesting, in this story, though, is that the original post with the band member apologizing and telling fans how to get around the copy protection has been removed from the Sony owned website. So, even though the label will give people new CDs that will let people make digital copies, they won’t let anyone know how to do it with the existing “mistake” CDs. It seems like perhaps the only real “mistake” was that Sony wasn’t monitoring the fan forums before letting content go up.

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Comments on “Buyers Pissed Off With Copy Protection? Pretend It Was A Mistake”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

I got pissed off with Painkiller. I bought it and tried to install it but it complained about Daemon Tools being installed which was to mount a series of legitimate, paid-for CDs on the HD to save time. Uninstalling Daemon did no good. I wasn’t about to re-install the whole thing. So I took it back to the shop, got my money back and found a pirate version. Hey – I TRIED to pay for it!

Adalgiso says:

Re: No Subject Given

Got a copy of PK with my video card. Definitely got really pissed off when it said i couldnt have Daemon or Alcohol, but I don’t kid myself into thinking I use it for “legitimate reasons.” To get around this, you have to uninstall the drivers that Daemon and Alcohol put on your computer for the virtual drives. All this copy protection just forces people to become pirates, cuz after I installed PK and tried to play it and couldn’t, I had to go get a crack for a game that I owned.

malhombre says:

Re: Re: Boycott

And for those of you who want to buy your music online, at very reasonable cost, in nearly any format, with full duplication capability:

Seems the comrades have different copyright laws. I don’t think any of the money winds up going to the bands, but it doesn’t go to the evil RIAA either, and (apparently) it is legal enough to keep you out of the big house.

If you knew about this, don’t flame me. I just discovered it.

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