California Senator Pretends That Laws Can Stop File Sharing

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You knew it couldn’t be that long until politicians looked at the file sharing issue as a nail for their particular legislative hammer. California Senator Diane Feinstein has apparently been convinced by those in the entertainment industry who have donated quite a bit of money to her campaign. She’s saying that there’s been “rise in peer to peers” since the Grokster decision. First of all, it’s not clear what a “rise in peer to peers” means. But, assuming she means that more people are using file sharing since the Grokster decision, it would be interesting to see where she got that data — especially since most of the stories keep talking about how these file sharing companies have been running scared since the decision. However, her opinion is that she needs to put forth legislation to outlaw these “peer to peers.” Considering what appears to be a weak grasp of what the actual issue is, it seems like any such legislation will be quite problematic. Even more importantly, at what point do people realize that “outlawing” these things won’t stop them at all? In fact, the Grokster decision (and the Napster one before it) is simply driving users towards more underground systems already. Instead of coming up with silly laws to protect a particular constituent, why aren’t politicians encouraging those industries to innovate and come up with new business models that involve giving people what they clearly want? Update: Also worth reading: eDonkey’s President’s remarks to the committee concerning what they should do about file sharing.

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Comments on “California Senator Pretends That Laws Can Stop File Sharing”

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rbk303 says:

Stay Open

September 28th 2035

Our prisons are over filled with Pot Smokers and File Sharers. There is no way of bringing this number down. The more things are made illegal, the more prisons built. Makes this reporter and others wonder how they can keep adding new law after law and never take any laws OFF the books.

The people not in prison owe their entire lives to settlemets and judgements. And not just new offenders; families of File Sharers passed are working to pay off their dead relatives’ debts.

Its a sad sad state of affairs. Made only worse today when the Supreme Court reached a verdict in the Patrick vs. Gore case which now makes it illegal, in addition to photographing people without their knowledge, for any individual to give CONSENT to be photographed nude. Bye Bye Ms Hefner.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Stay Open

agreed… there are way to many men behind bars on drug charges that are non-sense… we could end the fucking national debt by taxing drugs… shit we would make the national debt go down a trillion dollars a day if we became one of the largest drug traficing countries… honestly if we only taxed 10 percent on certian drugs… others to be left out of the mix we would be able to recover from our nation debt… but instead we increase our national debt by feeding the people behind bars on drug charges… and we took enough money to try and crack down on the traficing of drugs… also the file sharers behind bars… the fact that i have 45 gigs worth of music and over 15 gigs of movies… that are all illegal makes me accountable for what could end up being 5 to 20 years in prision… that is totally bull-shit… and i know in the grand scheme of things i am a small part of a much larger chain… so what the f… this is dumb…

WildCardz says:

Before Popular "File Sharing"

People who were around long before Mp3’s and the term “File Sharing” understand that we would almost prefer all of these programs go away. Then we could get back to the good ‘ol days of newsgroup trading and private FTP’s.

You can pay all the lip service you want but we have been “File Trading” since the days of BBS!
Before any peer to peer networks! It will always continue.

Chris Wuestefeld says:

Another nail for their hammer is right

Feinstein really does seem to think that writing a bill is all that it takes to solve a problem — and that when that doesn’t work, the right fix is to make the law even more onerous.
This is certainly her pattern with gun control legislation: push through something that has little to do with the real problem (e.g., “Assault Weapon Ban”), and then use its “failure” as “proof” that even more needs to be done.

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