Apparently, Google Doesn't Quite Need Kai Fu Lee's Recruiting Skills

from the just-post-the-job-openings dept

Earlier this month, a judge ruled that about the only thing Kai-Fu Lee could do for Google is help recruit employees for Google’s new China research center (as long as those employees didn’t work for Lee’s former employer, Microsoft). Well, it’s beginning to look like Google really didn’t need much help in the recruiting department. Within five hours of posting 50 job openings for the new center, Google received over 1,000 resumes. Of course, Microsoft may be realizing that their lawsuit against Google and Lee may have backfired. Perhaps one of the reasons the job openings got so much attention was because of the lawsuit. While many people may have passed over the news that Google was opening such a center in China, all the press over Lee’s status certainly made it known to a lot more people.

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Comments on “Apparently, Google Doesn't Quite Need Kai Fu Lee's Recruiting Skills”

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dorpus says:

Maybe that's a low rate

Jobs are still scarce for college graduates in China. There is a surplus of “smart” kids with college degrees, and not enough factory workers. Employers in China have taken to arbitrarily restricting applicants based on age, height, and sex. There have been news articles, even in China’s state-controlled media, interviewing college kids who complain that they would have been better off just graduating high school — even though their family sacrificed everything for their college education.

Rickler (user link) says:

Re: Maybe that's a low rate

Ding, you just answered why colleges are so expensive. America needs ‘stupid’ people. It’s kind of comical; in my neighborhood I see gardeners who most likely don’t speak English driving brand new f-150’s and Tundra’s with their tools of the trade in the back. And maids getting out of 40 thousand dollar Lincoln navigators.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Maybe that's a low rate

that’s because of all of these cut rate loans that are basically handed to Latinos. Seriously, read up on it. Businesses are courting the growing Latino dollar and offering special loans (that don’t require you to even be a citizen) and small business incentives (the whole “minority owned business” junk again)

That, and when you pile 8 people into a 3 bedroom place, your cost of living goes down quite a bit.

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