Of Tiny Computers And Converged Devices

from the coming-at-it-from-the-wrong-direction dept

Remember the OQO? First announced in early 2002, it was supposed to be a real “pocket PC.” It was supposed to be slightly larger than a PDA, but running a full version of either Windows or Linux, complete with a decent sized hard drive. And… it was all supposed to be for $1,000. That wasn’t exactly how it worked out. First, the OQO became one of the great vaporware stories for a few years, and when it was finally launched it was twice as expensive as promised and didn’t have a bunch of the features originally promised. Meanwhile, a few other companies also started promoting their own versions of miniPCs, and none of them were that compelling. So, the news that the OQO has finally launched a second version is likely to be greeted with yet another yawn. In fact, when you compare the new OQO, it actually looks quite a bit like some of the new converged smartphones that are hitting the market — and which (finally!) actually seem to have done a decent job putting everything together in a useful way. No, the smartphones don’t run full versions of operating systems and may not have quite the same storage capacity, but it certainly looks like they’re getting closer all the time, while having plenty of other useful features as well. While the miniPC crowd was focused on shrinking down a PC, it appears they didn’t realize that the handset makers would be focusing on cramming more computing goodness into mobile phones.

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1 Comment
smart phones as in 6700s by Audiovox says:

not reliable unfortunately

I have had 3 6700s by Audiovox so far, #4 is destined to be on its way – the current company says it can’t do anything else by techs. I had 2 under the former provider. I switched providers after 8 years because they were rude and tried to sell me services for the 6700 the phone couldn’t even have on it. I verified that. The new company’s software is much better and has better features on it, however both company’s phones (by Audiovox) have the same quirks and bugs. I have read other sites and talked to data tech with both companies and it is acknowledged that these are problems, and they don’t know what to do about it.

Personally, I feel the PDA/smart phones are wonderful when they work but are 100% frustrating when they don’t. I’m seriously thinking about hammering the next one that goes bad. I am disabled and I find the 6700 beneficial to me in many ways. Unfortunately, it takes a siesta every day in the middle of the day for several hours.

Audiovox should have waited until they had all the bugs worked out before they put the 6700 series on the market. They would have won a lot more friends. The companies carrying the phones do not adequately support them and the people shelling out the big bucks aren’t being treated right. Currently, after 2 months with a new phone, I am being told I will be given a refurbished phone. I’m sorry, that’s wrong. I was told I could spend $50 deductible to get a new phone through my insurance. I told them I already paid for a new phone and it isn’t my fault it isn’t working. This is the second time I have been through this process.

Audiovox will get a letter from me since I can’t communicate with them any other way.

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