Are Class Action Suits The Wrong Way To Go After Spyware Companies?

from the only-the-lawyers-win dept

We’ve noted the recent class action lawsuits against the likes of 180Solutions and DirectRevenue for sneaking adware onto users computers. However, a columnist over at eWeek is pointing out that class action lawsuits like this make him uncomfortable. He points out that, even if the case is successful, it’s most likely that only the lawyers really “win.” They’ll collect some huge portion of the settlement, while everyone else will have to mail in some sheet of paper and wait a year to get their $17 coupon to something they probably don’t want anyway. That’s probably true — however, it seems like most people probably don’t care so much about being reimbursed. They just want to see these spyware firms suffer. Still, is there a better solution for those who feel that they had one of these programs installed surreptitiously?

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Comments on “Are Class Action Suits The Wrong Way To Go After Spyware Companies?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Lawyers

In this case class action may be the best alternative _IF_ the terms of settlement severly limits 180’s future actions and/or a judgement establishes precedence.
It would be difficult for an individual to prove the extent of financial loss and the legal fees could be substantial. In class action the lawyers would be looking for the court to award them fees.

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