And Would That Be The Yakking On Your Phone Section, Or Non Yakking?

from the non-yakking-please dept

And so it’s finally come to this. While restaurants used to have smoking and non-smoking sections, some are now offering mobile phone yakking and non-mobile phone yakking sections. Actually, the restaurant is just offering a specific area where yakkers can go so that they’re not bugging other diners (as opposed to an actual eating area where yakking on your phone is approved). We’d heard of similar ideas where restaurants that had old phone booths were converting them into “mobile phone” areas, but this restaurant is apparently looking to go one step further and may even provide standard phone chargers so that diners can charge up their phones as well.

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Comments on “And Would That Be The Yakking On Your Phone Section, Or Non Yakking?”

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Jimi Spier (user link) says:

No Subject Given

Holy Monkey!
I love this idea..
I have (by choice) been without a cell phone for about 4 years now, and bugs the crap out of me when some jackass is talking loudly into his food splattered cell phone while I’m trying to have a conversation with my wife and kids..
Up next: Being able to shoot people who drive and talk on a cell phone.. please please please please..

Matt (user link) says:

And Would That Be The Yakking On Your Phone Sectio

I can’t imagine this idea working on any level. If there is a specific area reserved for people to go use their phones, then there would have to be a reasonable way of sound-proofing the area or some work done to separate that area from the dining area. And to go one step further, are the hosts going to interrupt other diners in lame attempts to enforce such regulated usage of wireless phones? I think one of two things would need to happen for this to work. Either the restaurant surrounds itself in concrete to create a veritable deadzone for wireless devices, and in effect alienate its very clientele, or the place will need to be divided into two separated sections (Wireless or Non?) with a thick partition to dull the noice next door.

AZ (user link) says:

Re: And Would That Be The Yakking On Your Phone Se

Well I think its a good idea. Those people in wallmart pushing there buggies will not pay attention and if you dont you could get hit. Same way in cars. I think Georgia made it illegal to use cell phones in the car or some restrictions didnt they? Anyways it would help for some of us who dont want to hear a guy talking loudly while were eating.

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