Vonage Next On The VoIP Shopping Block

from the we-want-some-of-that-billions-too dept

Vonage has been rumored to be considering an IPO, which raised several questions about the company’s finances, but also about how CEO Jeffrey Citron is believed to be banned from running a public company. There was a lot of money on the table back when the rumors first started, and there’s probably even more now, given eBay’s expensive buyout of Skype. So it’s no surprise, then, that Vonage’s bankers are telling it to consider selling out alongside its IPO plans. Of course, this is the same dual-track process mentioned when the IPO rumors gathered pace at the end of August. Given how Skype’s price seemed to keep going up and up as rumors kept circling, undoubtedly Vonage is going to milk the process for all it can, and if it can attract a Skype-like price, selling out may be far more attractive to its owners and investors than an IPO.

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