Company Behind Biggest Data Leak Ever To Disappear

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Credit-card processor CardSystems, which lost the data of 40 million credit cards to a hacker — data it wasn’t even supposed to have — is being bought out. The purchaser acknowleges that because of the security breach, CardSystems won’t be allowed to process some credit card transactions after October 31, but is trying to come to an arrangement to keep service going. Can’t say we’re too sympathetic to their cause, and there are 40 million cardholders that probably have similar feelings.

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Comments on “Company Behind Biggest Data Leak Ever To Disappear”

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Digitalus (user link) says:

Getting Out of Hand

This is amazing.
These guys should be in court getting ready to have their business shut down, paying fines, etc.
Instead, they are getting ready to make even more money, and probably mistakes, for being very irresponsible with data they weren’t even supposed to have.
There should be some legal action here, yet, there’s none.
This whole thing leaves you with a very bad feeling, as most tech savvy internet users purchase online. With our card numbers floating around the internet in some hacker’s hands, it makes you want to see to it that companies like this are never able to do any kind of technology business ever again.

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