Stringer's Grand Plan For Sony: Fire Some People

from the when-all-else-fails dept

Howard Stringer was appointed CEO of Sony with one task in mind: reverse the fortunes of the ailing giant. He announced his plan today, including the usual eliminating redundancies, getting disparate parts of the company to work more closely together and selling off non-core businesses, but the meat of the plan is to lay off 10,000 employees (out of a total workforce of 154,000). Sony’s been down that road before: Stringer’s predecessor had tried to lay off 20,000 workers over the last few years, a move that didn’t do much for the company’s performance. Investors and analysts are quite skeptical of the plan, because it doesn’t include much detail on how Sony will grow its revenues. It’s innovation that seems to be flagging, whether it’s because of the company’s insistence or DRM or just a plain lack of good ideas. It’s hard to see how laying off 6% of the company’s employees and cutting some products is going to give the company the spark it needs.

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Comments on “Stringer's Grand Plan For Sony: Fire Some People”

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Mousky (user link) says:


I’ll never quite understand how a company can let a workforce grow to a point where thousands upon thousands of people are let go. I understand that these layoff figures typically include vacancies, retirements, golden parachutes and so on and usually are phased in, but it just blows my mind that one day someone decides that 10,000 people have to go.

Director Mitch (user link) says:

Re: Here's an idea...

I agree with julius. The thinking and business process for tech and entertainment are just different. Apple is doing “entertainment”, but centered around tech, and created a whole new business model that goes with the new technology.

Sony is trying to create technology that goes with the existing entertainment business model, which is why they are getting burned.

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