NSA Patents The Ability To Spy On You Via The Internet

from the think-they'll-start-suing-people? dept

While the NSA is well known for being quite advanced technically speaking, you don’t often associate them with patents. You get the feeling that the NSA prefers to keep its technical know-how as closely-guarded internal secrets. However, perhaps they’re branching out a bit. They’ve patented a geo-location system that tries to pinpoint where you are based on your IP address. Others are already doing the same thing, but it’s not clear if they violate this patent. Still, you have to wonder what the NSA is going to do with the patent. If others start figuring out your location, are they going to sue for patent infringement?

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Comments on “NSA Patents The Ability To Spy On You Via The Internet”

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Mousky (user link) says:

A ping here, a ping there

Sounds to me that all they are doing is pinging network stations and network endpoints, taking the smallest number and using a mathematical equation to determine the geographical whereabouts of said network stations and endpoints. How is this patentable? Or more importantly, how is this different from the IP Locator at geobytes? Just wondering.

Joost says:

Re: Discard

I don’t see how a ICMP Echo (more commonly known as Ping) packet is anonymous, because an ICMP Reply packet has to travel back. Therefore, both destination and source IP addresses are in a ping packet.

It is possible that ICMP Echo and Reply packets get blocked at some routers, but not because they’re anonymous.

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