Latest Supposed WiMax Provider: Disney

from the mickey-gone-wireless dept

In all the hype surrounding WiMax (which, as an aside, has let up a bit lately), all sorts of companies have been thrown out as potential WiMax network providers. Apparently because WiMax can work in unlicensed spectrum, it means anyone and everyone could (and should) get their own network. Like WalMart before, now it’s Disney’s turn to be linked with offering WiMax service. Sounds like there’s a little bit of reading between the lines going on here, after Disney shut down its ill-conceived MovieBeam video-on-demand service, and then joined the WiMax Forum. Disney has an obvious interest in delivering its content directly into homes on its own terms, but that doesn’t mean it needs to build a WiMax network. As the article mentions (but downplays), the more likely possibility is for Disney set up as a virtual operator, as it’s done with mobile phones, or even just as a service on top of another provider’s network. It’s understandable that content providers are checking out WiMax — but that doesn’t mean they all want to build and own their own networks. There’s not much point in that these days.

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